Monday, October 31, 2016

{Party Bee} Ghoul's Night Out Dessert Table

Halloween! My favorite time of year is here at last! This year I knew I wanted to create a table that was a little more spooky, but still kid friendly so that my kids weren't totally creeped out. So I used my "Ghoul's Night Out" printable collection as the foundation to my table. It is a black and white colored collection so it allowed me to either keep it simple with two colors, or I could add any other colors that I wanted. I did want to keep it pretty neutral, but I added a pop of color by using bright green accents here and there with the goodies I made.
What was nice about my table, is that I used everything that I already had from decorating around the house from previous years, but I decided that I wanted to incorporate all my black and silver decor only. I also found some great new things at Michael's this year that added to the table. First I saw the awesome silver skulls which were such a great deal...$2.99 each- how do you pass those up, especially when you get to use a coupon on them! Then I found cool wood spiders that were unpainted....this gave me the perfect opportunity to paint them silver using some spray paint I already had in my art stash. All so simple and kept with my budget!
The printables added some spooky phrases as well as fun imagery to the table. My "take a bite" sign gives guests the ok to eat some goodies....but they also read they can eat at their own risk!
I love making chocolate covered Oreos and so does my family and friends! I wanted to carry the skull theme out so I made scary skulls. But I also wanted to create brains- human, zombie, and monster brains to be exact! My kids are both fascinated and completely grossed out by them....I wonder who will be willing to give brains a try?!
I always love adding a sign or two just to keep with the theme. And of course a table wouldn't be complete without bottled is what everyone will need to wash all of the sugar out of their system!
I have been dying to make eyeball cake pops! But instead of using a lollipop stick, I wanted to use silver forks (they are disposable). In addition to the eyeballs, I created some sprinkle cake pops as well. They look perfect resting inside striped mason jars (also easy to do using spray paint and painters tape)!
The last detail to my table is the death by chocolate cupcakes topped with a chocolate skull! I also added a couple paper cupcake toppers for an extra fun detail.

I think this year will be an extra fun and spooky Halloween filled with ghoulish goodies and lots of smiles!

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

{Sugar Bee} Monster, Zombie, and Human Brains: Chocolate Covered Oreos

Second on my Halloween dessert table are BRAINS! Chocolate Covered Oreo brains of course! My table will offer not just plain ol' human brains, but also monster and zombie brains!
Stay tuned for what I have cooking up my sleeve next!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

{Party Bee} We've Been BOOZED Ghoul's Night Out Printables

Last year I designed a delightfully frightful printable party collection for those who love the more spooky side of Halloween. Following the same idea, I also designed a "We've Been Boo-ed" sign to coordinate with the collection so that the same Halloween lovers could "Boo" their neighbors, friends, family, and coworkers with ghoulish goodies.

This year, I wanted to create something for ADULTS ONLY! A little play on the previous year's design but with a twist...."We've Been BOOZED"! The recipients of these will definitely die laughing when they realized they have been "Boozed" with a beverage only permitted for adults....along with some yummy treats or coordinating condiments.

Best of all....these printables are FREE! You can get a "We've Been Boozed" sign, "Eat at Your Own Risk" and "Pick Your Poison" square tags, Chocolate Bar Wrappers (designed to fit standard Hershey Chocolate Bars), and Jar labels (great for putting on jars to compliment the beverage of choice) all for FREE.

Booze your friends with Margarita Mix, Beer, Wine, Bloody Mary's, the choices are endless! While you are at it, have a ghoulish good time!

To download these printables click below:

Dont' forget to check out these printables:

{Sugar Bee} Skull Chocolate Covered Oreos

Halloween is approaching and all my decoration are up! Now starts the making of all the ghoulish treats! First up on the menu for my Halloween table are creepy skull chocolate covered Oreos. When I originally planned on creating these I thought black for the eyes and mouth would be spooky enough, but I got the idea of using silver round sprinkles as the eyeballs.....and that took it up a notch on the creep-o-meter! 

Monday, October 17, 2016

{Sugar Bee} Fresh Lemon Cupcakes

With a lemon tree in our backyard, I have always wanted to find a reason to use up more lemons. Of course we can make lemonade, but I was thinking why not use them for baking too, after all that is one of my favorite things to do! So I created a lemon cupcake topped with a lemon buttercream and garnished with a lemon wedge. They are definitely super fresh and lemony!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

{Sugar Bee} Zoo Animal Sugar Cookies

Today a special birthday girl is going to celebrate her special day at the zoo and along with the fun of seeing the animals she gets to enjoy some delicious zoo animal treats as well! I had so much fun creating these little cuties. Hopefully she goes bananas over them!

Friday, October 7, 2016

{Sugar Bee} Toy Story Cookies

These fun Toy Story themed cookies are going to "inifinity and beyond"....or to Graham's 1st birthday party!

I was recently asked to create chocolate covered Oreos and sugar cookies for a Toy Story themed party. I love using the age and initial of the birthday child, so I thought how cute would it be to dress up a number "1" and a letter "G" to look like the main characters of the movie?! They are now all dressed up and ready to celebrate with the birthday boy. They will have everyone "reaching for the stars (or a cookie)".

Sunday, October 2, 2016

{Sugar Bee} Cookies N Cream Cupcakes

These sweet treats may have you in a sugar coma, but they are delicious! They are chocolate cake with a surprise cookie in the middle, topped with a cookies n cream buttercream frosting, and decorated with a mini chocolate covered Oreo. These make a perfect pairing with a tall glass of milk!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

{Sugar Bee} Roaring Twenties Hollywood Glam Sugar Cookies

I had the pleasure of creating sugar cookies for a momentous birthday to celebrate a special lady turning 90! The party theme is Hollywood Glam of the 1920s, since of course the birthday girl was born in that decade, so coming up with something cute, glitzy, and reminiscent of the roaring twenties was important. So I went straight for the glitter to create the glitz, and then thought a flapper girl was indicative of the twenties time period, and finally a cute 90 to emphasize the big day. All together the set is full of pizazz and they are ready to walk down the red carpet and Charleston the night away!