About the Bungalow
The Sugar Bee Bungalow was created in 2010 just before the birth of my little boy. After several years of enjoying baking and party planning/decorating for myself, family and friends, I decided that it would be an incredibly fun and fulfilling part-time profession to create beautiful memories through designing parties for special events in peoples' lives (i.e. birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, etc). Of course, my full-time jobs are still taking care of my baby boy and baby girl and working at the art museum, but my extra time is spent designing party collections, styling dessert tables, and making delicious treats! What else could a girl ask for? 

I hope you enjoy! 
Thanks for buzzing by The Sugar Bee Bungalow! 
About the Queen Bee

Queen Bee/Designer/Creator

My name is Elisa and I am the Queen Bee of The Sugar Bee Bungalow. Ever since I was a child I have enjoyed creating things whether it be visual or performing arts, crafting or baking, either way I have always needed to express myself creatively.

Born into a family with two very talented and crafty aunts and a mom who was a home economics teacher, I was bound to have the creative bug. It was my mom who introduced me to my first cut-up cake and taught me the basics of sewing and using a sewing machine. Several years later, here I am, still sewing, baking, and crafting...and now blogging!

I could tell you my story in the form of a narrative, but who wants to read that! Instead, here is a list of things that make me, ME!

- I had a son in 2010 named, Jake. I talk about him constantly as he is my world and pride and joy!
- I am married to a wonderful and loving man who is an amazing daddy and a hero to both his son and wife.
- Spring of 2012 I gave birth to my sweet baby girl, Ava. She is my sweet little angel and I love her to pieces!
- I consider myself the Mexican Martha Stewart as I am a total wannabe and could only dream about having her job!
- My television is usually on one of these channels: The Food Network, HGTV, and TLC.
- I would love to just hang out with Paula Deen for a weekend, she always puts a smile on my face and makes me laugh. She is like a dose of southern sunshine!
- I am absolutely obsessed with cake and cupcakes stands! I have more than I have room for in my house, but I just can't resist them.
- I love to laugh and make other's laugh as well. It is just good for the soul.
- Parties and crafts are always on the brain in some capacity.
- I have Jake's birthday party themes planned until he is 5 or 6....or until he tells me what kind of party he wants.
- I am currently brainstorming Ava's birthday party themes!
- I watch more Nick Jr. than I really would like, however there are a few shows that I tend to really enjoy....like Olivia!
- I have a tendency to be over ambitious and fill my plate a little too full.
- I would love to go to school to learn how to create beautiful and professional cakes, cookies, confections.
- I feel the most comfortable wearing my husband's t-shirts...although it's probably not the most attractive look, but who cares!
- Cookbooks are so much fun to buy...especially if they are about baking!
- Losing the baby weight is still on my list of things to do...one of these days.
- I am a musical junkie! I secretly wish I had the mad singing skills to be on Broadway.
- A staple in my diet is cottage cheese and vegetables....weird combination, I know, but it is delicious!
- I love girls' nights, especially when it includes dinner, wine, and chick flicks.
- I prefer to drink white wine because I don't enjoy how red wine turns my mouth purple.
- I have an A.A. in Fashion Merchandising and a B.A. in Art History.
- I enjoy taking the time to add special touches to the things I create. Small details can make a huge impact!
- Classic Movies are still some of my favorite movies....White Christmas, Calamity Jane, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Singing in the Rain...the list goes on and on.
- I am on Team Edward and almost had an emotional breakdown when reading Eclipse and Bella kissed Jacob!
- Gilmore Girls will always be my all time favorite television show.
- I have watched Shrek 1 and 2 like a milltion times! I am a big fan of animated films...I almost prefer them to the movies intended for adults (aside from the chick flicks of course!).
- I feel as though I will always be young at heart.
- Being a mommy has been the most rewarding and educational experience of my life and I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Of course, I could go on and on with this list, but you don't want to read about me all day. Instead, get your crafting and baking on! Thanks for buzzing by The Sugar Bee Bungalow!