Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to complete a printable order?
A: Please allow 2 weeks for personalizing existing party collections and approximately 4 to 5 weeks for creating new custom designs. Depending on the number of orders I am working on, I may not be able to complete your request in time so please contact me to make sure that I have enough time to complete your order.

Q: What do you do to personalize a printable order?
A: Each printable collection is personalized with the name of the child to be baptized or birthday boy/girl's name, initials, and the age they art turning. The invitation will be personalized with the party information and the menu tent cards will also be personalized with the items that will be served at the party. Lastly, if the collection comes with tags with the names of the invited children, they are also personalized accordingly.

Q: Can I make changes to the printables?
A: Collections are sold as you see them (with the exception of the names, ages, menu items, and party invitation information). Fees will be added to orders that require new design work or changes to the collections, which include word and font changes, etc. Additional components can also be created but an additional fee will be included to your invoice.

Q: How much does it cost to make a few changes to the printables?
A: When ordering your collection, you get one minor change for free (i.e. word changes in one document). To change other components of the collection, it will be an additional $5 per document.

Q: What is the cost to change the colors of a printable collection or to change the subject of a theme? For example, if I want to change the Owl Theme Birthday Party to an Owl theme baby shower, or if I want to change the Olivia Baptism collection to purple and yellow?
A: To do customizations of this extent will cost an additional $20.00.
(Please note that gold and silver are very hard to recreate therefore I can try and come close, but keep in mind that using a printer the colors may appear gray and yellow.)

Q: What if I only want a couple of the items from a collection?
A: All party collections can be split up to accommodate your party planning needs. Each element costs $5 a piece if you are looking at splitting up the collection.

Q: How do I receive the printables?
A: After I complete the personalization process, I will email the electronic files to you. Please note that all of the files come only in PDF format.

Q: How much does it cost to create a new design party collection?
A: To have a full party collection custom designed entirely for you costs $100. This option will allow you to choose the theme and colors as well as assist with wording choice ideas. You have the choice of up to 10 items from the item list. It is a three part process that starts with the rough draft, and then follows with a second draft, and lastly the final edits. Changes after the "final edits" will cost an additional $5 per revision.

*To find out more about custom designed party collections and items, email me and I will send you my FAQ handout.

Q: Do you create designs with licensed characters?
A: Due to Copyright Laws, I am unable to sell anything with licensed characters, unless they are in the realm of public domain. However, if you are having a themed party featuring licensed characters, I can try and work with you on designs that are inspired by the theme or coordinate with the color scheme, etc.

Q: What if I only want a few items to be newly custom designed?
A: If you only want a mini collection comprised of up to 4 items, it will cost $50. To custom design 1 or 2 items, it will cost $20 per item.

Q: Where do I find the item list for a custom designed printable collection?
A: If you are interested in having a printable collection custom designed, just send me an email and I will send you the item list.

Q: Do you create anything else that may not be on the item list?
A: If what you are looking for isn't on the item list, most likely I can create it for you.

Q: What information do you need to customize my order?
A: Once you have confirmed your order, I will customize the collection as stated above. In order to customize your order I will need the following:

          *Name of the child

          *Age that the child is turning (if it is a birthday collection)

          *Party invitation information (i.e. date, time, place, RSVP contact and phone number, and any other important information you would like to include on the invitation).

          *And a photograph if the invitation calls for one (invitations that have photographs can also come without). Please keep in mind that the orientation of the photograph is very important. I typically need one horizontally formatted photograph (landscape format), but I can also use 3 vertically formatted photographs (portrait format).

Q: What kind of photographs are best to use?
A: Any photograph can be used, however I prefer to use an image that either coordinates with the theme or colors of the party invitation. But whatever photograph you choose, you want to make sure that it is high resolution so that you don't have a pixilated picture on your invitation. Also, keep in mind what orientation of photograph the invitation calls for. (See answer above regarding photo orientation)

Q: How do I pay for my order?
A: Once I have completed the customization, I will send you an invoice via PayPal. Upon receipt of payment, I will email you the PDF files.

Q: What happens if I find a misspelling?
A: After I email the PDF files, you should review the files for any grammatical errors. If you find any errors, please notify me and I will make the corrections immediately and resend the files.

Q: What if after I receive my order I decide that I would like different wording or font?
A: If you find that you prefer different, wording, font, or text placement after you receive your completed order, I can make the requested changes, however each document that needs editing will cost an additional $5.

Q: What paper should I use to print these out?
A: It depends on what you are printing out, but most of the time you will want to use a white heavy cardstock. I use a 100lb cardstock on everything but the candy wrappers. For the candy wrappers, I use a 65lb white cardstock or just regular white paper.

Q: Can I use my home printer?
A: You can definitely use your home printer or you can have your nearest copy center print them out for you. Please keep in mind that every printer prints color a little differently, so before printing out the entire collection, print a test page to ensure that the color is correct.

Q: How do I assemble the banners?
A: After you print and cut everything out, you will want to hot glue the paper to a long piece of ribbon about 1/2" to 7/8" inches wide (don't cut the ribbon until you are finished gluing all the paper- you don't want to run short of ribbon). I like to use grosgrain ribbon, but any type of ribbon will work. If you don't want to sue a hot glue gun, you can also punch holes in the paper and run the ribbon through the holes.

Q: Do you assemble or style parties?
A: Due to the busy life of a working mom of two little ones, I currently am not taking on clients for party styling.

The Sugar Bee Bungalow holds all rights to the design collections offered. Files purchased are to be used by the purchaser only and should not be sold, copied, or given to other parties.   

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