Wednesday, February 15, 2012

{Sugar Bee} Valentine's Day Marshmallow Pops

Yesterday for Valentine's Day my son, Jake, visited me at work and brought along a couple surprises for me and my co-workers. He and my husband of course gave me cards, a beautiful rose and heart balloons that I absolutely loved. But even more fun was his Elmo valentines that he delivered to everyone in my office.

You would think that was enough, but nope...he also had a Valentine's Day marshmallow pops bouquet for my co-workers to enjoy! Jake of course had some assistance making these by yours truly, but for kids who are a little older and like to help mom in the kitchen, this is a great project and is so deceivingly simple. All you need are marshmallows, chocolate, sprinkles and lollipop sticks!

Step 1:  Push a lollipop stick into marshmallow without penetrating the top of the marshmallow. Do this for the number of marshmallows you want to dip.

Step 2: Melt the chocolate in a glass bowl in the microwave. I like to use my small (1 cup) Pyrex measuring cup. When melting the chocolate, use a low heat (at least 50%) and heat in 30 second intervals stirring in between.

Step 3:  Once you get a nice and smooth melted consistency of chocolate, dip the marshmallow 3/4 of the way into the chocolate.

Step 4:  Before your chocolate hardens, quickly add your sprinkles.

Step 5:  Place marshmallow pops in a glass or mug until the chocolate completely hardens.

Step 6:  Finally, package your marshmallow pops into small treat bags and place in a vase. Any kind of candy in the vase helps keep the marshmallow pops in place.

Whoever receives this bouquet will not only enjoy its beauty but will also enjoy how delicious they are! And they will think you slaved all day making it!

Now who can resist this little valentine?!?!

Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 10, 2012

{Sugar Bee} Love and Kisses Cupcakes

Last night Jake and I celebrated my dad's 61st birthday by surprising him with delicious desserts! Because my dad's birthday is always close to Valentine's Day, I thought it would be a great opportunity to show him how much we love him by creating love and kisses cupcakes. So I made strawberry cupcakes with pink tinted vanilla buttercream frosting edged with heart sprinkles and topped with lip and heart chocolate covered Oreos! I also made him large chocolate covered Oreos in the shape of big lips. They are so much fun...not to mention delicious!
Muah! Happy Birthday Dad!

Monday, February 6, 2012

{Busy Bee} Cookies That I Heart!

Valentine's Day is such a fun holiday, mostly because it is filled with hearts, love, pink and red, and of course candy and treats! I love looking at all of the wonderful decorations and desserts made for this holiday and am constantly inspired.

This year I have come across a few "busy bees" who have created many heart shaped sugar cookies that have stolen my heart. If they don't inspire you to want to bake or create something this Valentine's Day, they will surely give you a sweet tooth!

 The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle, (probably who I would consider my ultimate "cookie crush") created these beautiful heart shaped cookies. The owl heart is so brilliant and beautiful, and the polka dot heart is so cute in its simplicity. I may have to try my hand at both of day.

Bake at 350, cleverly made heart cookies with the names of iconic lovers as well as three-dimensional cookies! My favorite of her iconic lovers are of course Lucy and Ricky!

Glorious Treats, created colorful and fun heart cookies! I absolutely love how she cuts out the center of the heart. I also think her garland cookies are super cute, it really is difficult to tell which are the cookies and which is the garland!

 I only wish I had enough time to create all of these myself! I can't wait to get started on my Valentine's treats!

Happy Baking and Treat Making!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

{Sugar Bee} Super Big Super Bowl Cupcakes

Being that it is Super Bowl Sunday, I couldn't resist creating a fun and yummy treat to take to my family's annual Super Bowl party. But this year, I decided to go BIG! So because today is so super, I created Super Big Super Bowl Cupcakes! I made jumbo size chocolate cupcakes with a vanilla buttercream frosting, piped to look like grass of course. Then to top off the already decadent dessert, I garnished the cupcakes with large chocolate covered Oreos in the design of a football. It is two GIANT desserts in one!
We are definitely ready for today's festivities!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Friday, February 3, 2012

{Party Bee} Awesome Super Bowl Dessert Tables

If you are anything like me, Super Bowl isn't such a big deal and you only really watch it for the commercials and the half time show. However, if you are like me, it is another reason to get creative and make something cute and fun to go along with the day! Whether it be baking some football cookies and cupcakes or creating a banner to root for the underdog, I am always up for getting crafty.

The following crafters have put together the most spectacular Super Bowl and Football themed dessert tables that will inspire you to create at least a little something for this Sunday. I know they have inspired me!

Bakerella created this AMAZING dessert table last year for Super Bowl and I am still in awe!

Setting the Mood put together this table for Super Bowl a couple years ago and it is adorable.

Although this table by Shindig Parties To Go isn't specific to Super Bowl, the football theme can easily be translated into your favorite team!

Here is another football theme dessert table by Spaceships and Laser Beams that can work for any Super Bowl party! I love the burger cupcakes!

Wants and Wishes created this fun football party table that works for Super Bowl as well as for any little boy's birthday party.

Did you also get inspired?!?!

Happy Super Bowl Crafting!