Wednesday, October 31, 2012

{Sugar Bee} It's a Monster Mash!

This year my son started going to school and every morning when I take him he has a big smile and runs to his classroom. He just LOVES seeing his teacher and interacting with all of his friends! As a crafty mom I enjoy making little things for the holidays that Jake will enjoy...and now his friends and teachers can enjoy too. Therefore, I thought that all the kids would love to eat Halloween cookies today! So I created a Monster Mash of Jack O' Lanterns, ghosts, and my favorite cookie to make, Frankenstein. I think the kids are going to love them!

Have a Happy Halloween!!!!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

{Party Bee} More Halloween Printables

This year for Halloween my husband and I thought it would be fun to send out cards to our family and friends wishing them a "Happy Halloween" from our little monsters! I am now offering this printable card along with treat labels and nugget wrappers to my readers for only $5. What a perfect opportunity to show off fun pajamas like the skeleton ones my kids are wearing or Halloween costumes all while wishing your loved ones Happy Halloween!
These fun treat labels would be great for sending goodies to your child's class or even taking to work and giving them to friends. Kids and adults will love eating "bat teeth" for Halloween!
And for those who love chocolate, create these little packages of Hershey Nuggets covered in coordinating wrappers. They are so easy, all you need are Hershey Nuggets, Pretzel Bags by Wilton, and my printable nugget wrappers. Just cut out the printables, wrap them around the nuggets, adhere them to a strip of cardstock, and place them in a pretzel bag. As you can see here, I tied them with ribbon and used one of my circle tags from my Halloween Printable Collection.

These labels and card coordinate with The Sugar Bee Bungalow's Halloween Printable Collection.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

{Sugar Bee} Eerie Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes

Looking to make quick and easy Halloween cupcakes? Try these eerie pumpkin patch cupcakes that I made for my son's school's fall festival. They are just so easy but look so cute, both kids and adults will think they are spooky fun!

All you have to do is bake your cupcakes using your favorite recipe or box mix. Next using your grass piping tip (Wilton tip 233), cover the entire cupcake with "grass". Then add a couple of Brach's Mellowcreme Pumpkins (I like to place one pumpkin upright and the other on its side). After your pumpkins have been placed, using a small round piping tip (Wilton tip 2) add the vines to the pumpkins. Lastly, garnish your cupcake with a plastic spider ring that you can find at just about any store during October (I found mine at Michaels). Not only will the cupcakes be a tasty treat, but there is also a fun toy to enjoy!
Have a wicked fun time baking and cupcake decorating!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

{Busy Bee} Martha Stewart's Bewitching Treat Ideas

Martha Stewart never seems to let me down with all of her Halloween party and treat ideas, and this year is no exception. On her website you can find the most bewitching tricks and treats that will surely leave your friends and family feeling wicked and wanting more! I can't wait to try these recipes!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

{Sugar Bee} Treats Too Cute To Spook!

This year for Halloween, I wanted to create some treats that are little more spooky... so I made chocolate covered Oreos in the shapes of coffins and brains. But instead of going for a traditional pink brain, I used a fun green color to make it more appetizing.... not sure if my strategy actually worked because it still too closely resembles a brain, but I guess that's the point, right? Trick or Treat!

Although the subject matter is on the spookier side of Halloween, I still think they are too cute and kids will gladly gobble these brains up!

Friday, October 19, 2012

{Sugar Bee} Batty Over Chocolate Covered Oreos

My son is totally batty over Halloween and loves everything about the holiday, especially the fun decorations all over our house. He loves to look at the pumpkins, ghosts, black cats, and of course the bats! So I thought it was only appropriate to create chocolate covered Oreos with bats on them. Not only do I love the way the bats look, but the colors are very indicative of Halloween. Even more, these would go over very well for those kids who are obsessed with Batman. These surely won't last long in my house!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

{Sugar Bee} M&M Candy Corn

The countdown to Halloween has begun! I am sure it is no surprise that my family LOVES Halloween. It could be due to the weather cooling down, the fun colors and decorations of the season, or all of the yummy treats...or perhaps it is a combination of everything. Regardless of the reason, my family goes all out for Halloween and this year is no exception, especially with the addition of our little girl. We want her to have a fantastic 1st Halloween (though she won't remember anything, she will have pictures to see in the future)!

So during one of my trips to the store, I came across a bag of M&M's that were created in the colors of candy corn. What a great idea! Of course the first thing that popped in my head was to make a large candy corn using the orange, yellow and white M&M's, inspired by the Easter jelly bean carrots. Such a simple project with a fun and festive would love to assist with this craft and it can also be educational, especially for children learning their colors or how to count.

All you need to create these are clear disposable pastry bags (I found mine at Williams Sonoma), M&M's, ribbon, twist ties, and tape. Fill the bags first with the white M&M's, then the orange, and lastly the yellow and use a twist tie to close. Because the M&M's are too large to fill the very point of the bag, you will need to tape the empty "point" to the back of the pastry bag. Finally, tie the top with ribbon and viola....looks like a large candy corn! 
How Bootiful!