Thursday, December 26, 2013

{Party Bee} We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

The weekend was such a crazy one for me as I was trying to finish making all of my Christmas goodies...and I was able to complete everything in the St. Nick of time! I am sure am tired, but I am so happy with how everything turned out. From the printables to the chocolates, everything was merry and bright! Now it is time to relax....that is until New Year's Eve!
Hope your family had a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

{Party Bee} The Penguin Holiday Collection

So you may be asking yourself why penguins this holiday season? Well just this past month when my son and I were shopping at Target, my son found a little stuffed penguin toy in the dollar section. He and his penguin haven't separated since and the little penguin has even been with him to the many places we have visited over the holidays...a few being Chicago, visiting Santa, The Polar Express...the North Pole! Because of his adorable friendship with his little penguin, I of course couldn't help myself and I had to create the Penguin Holiday Collection.You may also notice a little bit of inspiration from my peppermint cookies...penguins and peppermints are definitely my theme this year!

The entire collection is $10 and comes with the following:

- "Happy Holidays" and "Merry Christmas" pennant banner
- 3 circle designs with 6 different phrases. These are perfect for gift tags, cookie tags, cupcake toppers, decorations, the uses are almost endless!
- Treat bag labels
- Water bottle labels
- Decorative penguin pennant banner
- Water bottle labels
- Straw flags
- Large decorative penguin

Receive your order electronically and print out as many as you would like! Just send me an email requesting the Penguin Holiday Collection!

Monday, December 16, 2013

{Sugar Bee} Peppermint Candy Sugar Cookies

Earlier this month my husband stumbled upon Bakerella's tutorial for Peppermint Candy Sugar Cookies and instantly asked if I could make them just for him for Christmas. Well of course I thought they were super cute and very clever, but if you notice Bakerella makes hers adorably bite sized, however mini cookies would disappear too quickly in my household so I thought a large peppermint candy cookie would be fun and my husband could savor it a little longer! The best part about these cookies is that by adding a little peppermint extract, not only do they look like peppermint candies, but they taste like them too!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

{Sugar Bee} The Start of a Beary Merry Christmas!

I don't know what happened but November somehow flew by and now it is December! Oh what fun it is now that the holidays have approached, but what a super busy time of the year...especially because I want to make sure that I remember to give small gifts to all of those people that I am so thankful to know. Among those people are my son's teachers. Three times a week my son is so excited to go to pre-school and see his teachers and instructional aides. I know that he is learning so much and that they really care about him, his education and total well being. As a parent, I am so grateful to know that my son is in good hands and that he is growing and learning so much in part because of them.

So this year I created little thank you totes that had a few goodies....
Inside they got a "beary" special Christmas sugar cookie....
...Peppermint bark in a snowflake cookie cutter, and some mint truffle Hershey kisses!
In case you were wondering where the adorable felt totes were from, I got them from the dollar section of Target! I love that section!

A BIG thank you to all of Jake's teachers!

What a wonderful start to what I know will be a "Beary" Merry Christmas!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

{Party Bee} Witching Anne a Boo-tiful Retirement!

This Halloween was a little bittersweet as my colleagues and I had to say farewell to a co-worker and friend as her last day of work was October 31st and she entered into a most "boo-tiful" retirement!

Not only was Anne my supervisor but she had become such a dear friend and she will be missed tremendously. But we are very excited for her to start this next chapter of her life, so we wanted to send her off into retirement with a Spooktacular party!

It only seemed fitting that we throw her a Halloween themed party seeing that her last day was actually on Halloween...but this time I thought it would be fun to add a little "trick to my treats" by making it a surprise party! So with some help from my friends and co-workers we managed to brew an enchanting celebration!
Because Halloween is traditionally known for its orange and black color palette, and the Museum's logo shares the same color palette, it only seemed fitting that the decorations be orange and black.
The centerpiece of the table was a painted paper mache witches hat in honor of "witching Anne" a Boo-tiful retirement!
There was an array of sweets for the guests to choose from! The table had cupcakes with both chocolate and butter cream frosting topped with customized cupcake toppers.....
 ....There was also sugar cookies decorated as witches hats and boiling cauldrons...
 ....Hershey candy bars wrapped with customized wrappers sat in skeleton gable boxes with Skittles and Starbursts inside flanked each end of the table....
 ...Water bottles with "Witches Brew" pouches (Crystal Light flavor packets) and striped straws topped with festive flags were aligned in rows next to the mini gable boxes...
 ....Mummy and Frankenstein Marshmallow Pop bouquets made by my good friend Vanessa and I sat inside jars of candy corn, as did "Witches Fingers" (chocolate covered pretzels) made by my wonderful intern, Teresa....also on the table were chocolate covered Oreos with bats adorning the top as well as some in the shapes of skulls...
Everywhere you looked there was candy and fun decorations! Even the place settings had Reese's Pieces candy in treat bags! If there ever was a day to have lots and lots of candy, Halloween is the perfect time!
 With all of the decorations and goodies in place, all that was needed was the guest of honor!
 And boy was she surprised!!!
Even my husband and kids (dressed in their costumes) were there to surprise her...they wouldn't have missed it for the world! It was their last day to visit Anne at the Museum.
 Here's to "Witching Anne a Boo-tiful Retirement"! Nobody deserves it more!

Friday, October 4, 2013

{Party Bee} Client Feature: Jessica's Bridal Shower

Once again I had the pleasure of working with a friend of mine on designing a printable collection for a bridal shower she was throwing for her soon to-be sister-in-law, Jessica. I was told that the wedding was to take place in Maui overlooking the beach (what a great location!) so the theme of the shower was a little beachy with a modern twist. Thus, my Modern Starfish Bridal Shower Collection was created! 

Well I was so happy when she shared her photographs with me because from the food to the decorations, everything looked fantastic and she did a beautiful job! 
The dessert table looked great with the apothecary jars filled with candies and starfish (I love the addition of the aqua into the color palette). I especially loved the initials of the happy couple placed on the center of the table followed by the word LOVE. 
The cupcakes looked yummy...also did you notice how excellently neat her handwriting is? The handwritten menu tent cards are awesome!
 She laid out the mini candy bars so nicely...they added a lovely pop of color to the table.
The food table not only looked like it was full of delicious food and drinks, but it looked gorgeous! Everything was placed so nicely! Also, as you may have noticed, I am a fan of poms hanging from the ceiling...they add such fun to a party but are still festive and elegant, and are surprisingly easy to make.
I love the look of the tin holding the napkins. I also love the charming little jars wrapped with ribbon and topped with the cutest little wooden spoons. It really is the little touches that add so much to a table.

Thank you so much for sharing your photos! Well done, the party looked fabulous and I am sure the Bride-to-be had a wonderful time!
Happy Bridal Shower Jessica!

Friday, September 27, 2013

{Party Bee} Candy Corn Birthday Collection

After designing the Boo-tiful Birthday Halloween Collection I thought perhaps I needed a birthday collection that didn't have such scary content, but instead was a happier, kid friendly theme that could also be used for those children who were born in the Fall. So I thought what was happier and kid friendly than CANDY CORN! The colors are bright and colorful and totally indicative of Fall, not to mention most kids love the taste of candy corn. Thus the Candy Corn Birthday Collection was created!

The entire collection is $30 and comes with the following:

- 5 x 7" invitation (envelope is not included)
- Circle tags in 4 designs (these are great as cupcake toppers, cookie tags, bag decorations, etc., the uses are endless)
- "Happy 3rd Birthday Jake" pennant banner (with personalized child's name and age)
- Decorative mini pennant banner
- Treat bag labels in 2 designs
- Water bottle labels in 2 designs
- Juice box label
- Candy bar wrappers (designed to fit standard size Hershey bars)
- Mini candy wrappers (designed to fit Ghirardelli squares)
- Nugget wrappers (designed to fit Hershey nuggets)
- Flags for straws
- Menu tent cards
- Large Decorative Circles in 4 designs
- Coordinating Patterned Paper

Just send me an email with the party information, receive the files electronically, print out what you need, then cut and assemble!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

{Party Bee} BOO-tiful Birthday Halloween Collection

It is almost my favorite time of the year....HALLOWEEN!!! My husband and I just love Halloween and all of the fun decorations, costumes, and of course the treats that come along with the holiday.

If you have been to any store recently you will notice that they are starting to put up their Halloween displays, which no doubt only increases my eagerness and anticipation for October 31st! Therefore I decided to channel my excitement into my work in the form of a printable collection. This time around I decided to create a printable collection for those who have birthdays that happen to fall right around Halloween. I call it my BOO-tiful Birthday Halloween Collection! Now you can throw a spooktacular birthday party with a Halloween twist!

The entire collection is $25 and comes with the following:

- Invitation (envelope not included)
- Circle tags in 3 designs (these are also great as cupcake toppers, cookie tags, bag decorations, etc., the uses are endless)
- A pennant banner that reads "Witching Ava (birthday name) a BOO-tiful Birthday"
- Treat bag labels in 2 designs
- Water bottle labels in 2 desgns
- "Witches Brew" labels formatted to fit Avery 5366 adhesive labels
- Straw flags
- Candy bar wrapper (designed to fit standard size Hershey bars)
- Witches Party Hat
- Bats (wonderful to use as wall decor, backdrops, hang from the ceiling, banners, so many ways to use these!)
- Patterned Paper

Just send me an email with the party information, receive the files electronically, print out what you need, then cut and assemble!

Monday, September 9, 2013

{Sugar Bee} Little Man Cookies for Baby Max

This past week was a very exciting week for our family as we welcomed our brand new nephew to the family (baby Max as my son likes to call him)! He is the sweetest little man and holding him brings back all the warm and fuzzy memories from when my babies were that tiny!

Therefore, in honor of baby Max, I wanted to make some cookies to welcome the Little Mr. to the world....thus I made little man cookies! Nothing says little man like blue onesies with ties and mustaches!
This is such a popular theme these days with babies and children's parties, so it was a lot of fun to create these for Max, his big brother, and his mom and dad to enjoy. Hmm....perhaps a printable collection is in order?!
Welcome Baby Max! We love you!

Friday, September 6, 2013

{Sugar Bee} Pretty Little Piggies

This little piggy went to the market,
This little piggy stayed home,
This little piggy had roast beef,
This little piggy had none,
And this little piggy cried wee wee wee all the way home.

Well actually, these pretty little piggies are dressed to the nines and on their way to bridal shower for a bride-to-be that loves piggies! Hope everyone gets to pig out on these little Babes!

Monday, July 22, 2013

{Party Bee} The Sweet Love Wedding Shower Mini Collection

The Sweet Love Wedding Shower Mini Collection is the perfect printable collection to celebrate the love of a happy couple ready to tie the knot! Elegant in its black and white damask print and accented with "something blue", this collection is surely the start to a happily ever after!

The collection is $15 and comes with the following:

- 5 x 7" Invitation (envelope not included)
- "Sweet Love" banner
- Circle tag design
- Water bottle labels
- Treat bags
- Straw flags
- Candy bar wrapper (designed to fit standard size Hershey bar)
- Menu tent cards
- Decorative square with heart in center
- Decorative banner

Just send me the party information, receive the files electronically, print out what you need, then cut and assemble!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

{Sugar Bee} Happy 4th of July!

 Hope you are having a wonderful day celebrating our country's Independence Day with your family and friends, lots of food and goodies, and some awesome fireworks!
 Happy Independence Day America!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

{Sugar Bee} Bad Little Piggies!

These little piggies were fun to decorate, but even more fun to see my son's reaction when first discovering them on our kitchen table! It was so cute hearing him say "bad piggies" upon noticing is moments like those that make it so worth all of the time and effort that it takes to create cookies and treats. It will be even more rewarding to watch my good little boy gobble up a bad little piggy with a big smile!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

{Sugar Bee} Snowflakes in June!

With this blazing heat we are currently experiencing, I WISH we were seeing actual snowflakes, but since it isn't possible with this 120 degree weather and it of course being Arizona, snowflake cookies will just have to suffice!

The reason for snowflake cookies in June you ask? Well there is a little girl who is celebrating her birthday today with a Periwinkle Fairy themed party and her parents are trying to bring "winter" to Arizona in the middle of summer! If you don't know who Periwinkle is, don't feel bad, neither did I until recently. Periwinkle is Tinkerbelle's sister and she is the frost-talent fairy.
So what a better way to bring "winter" early than serving sweet and delicious snowflake cookies to the birthday girl and her guests! Happy Birthday!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

{Sugar Bee} Angry Bird Chocolate Covered Oreos

Ever since we threw my son's Angry Bird birthday party, I just can't seem to get the little birds and piggies out of my head! They are literally everywhere! And of course my son just loves them, so I tend to notice them even more than I normally would otherwise. Well as usual, I couldn't help myself and I had to make the little companion birds to my bad piggies that I made for Jake's birthday party, so I created Red and Yellow Angry Bird Chocolate Covered Oreos!

They were actually pretty easy to create with the help of Wilton candy accessories! All you need are the Wilton Candy Eyeballs and the Wilton Animal Sprinkle Set and the majority of the face is complete! They would also look so great on cake pops or marshmallow pops!
Best of all, kids love them! My son right away said, "eat red bird"! How can that not put a smile on a mom's face....well that is until the sugar kicks in afterwards!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

{Party Bee} Client Feature: Anthony's Baptism Dessert Table

If you remember a couple years ago, Johanne, shared her son Felix's baptism fantastic party pics. Well I had the pleasure of working with Johanne once again on her second son, Anthony's baptism party printables! As always she was a joy to work with and again she has kindly shared her party pictures!
This time around, Johanne chose to use the Jake Baptism Collection: Blue Palette. She created cupcake toppers using the printables to adorn her homemade cupcakes as well as to create tags for her cross sugar cookies that served as party favors!  She also made square sugar cookies with crosses in the center for guests to eat at the party, her son Anthony appears to also have enjoyed them...doesn't he look so cute!
Not only did guests receive cookies as party favors, but they also got a bookmark featuring Anthony's picture, baptism date, as well as the parents' and godparents' names! Such a clever idea, Johanne!
At the center of the dessert table was an amazing dulce de leche cake covered in blue fondant and decorated with polka dots and a white bow and topped with a fondant cross, made by Johanne's mother! Beautifully done!
Here is the adorable family in front of the dessert table!

Thank you, Johanne, for sharing Anthony's special day with us! Everything turned out so great!
Happy Baptism, Anthony!