Wednesday, March 8, 2017

{Party Bee} Ava's My Little Pony Party!

Another year has passed (rather quickly I might add) and my daughter is 5 years old! I still can't believe that I don't have any more littles running around the house anymore. It is always bittersweet (I am sure all moms can relate)....I love watching her grow and her personality develop, but at the same time I miss her being a little cuddlebug. But my husband and I are so blessed to be able to celebrate her every year!

This past year my daughter, Ava, has become a huge fan of My Little Pony. Almost a year ago she planned what kind of party she wanted for her 5th birthday....My Little Pony of course and so I went to work planning the perfect party!

When brainstorming the aesthetic of the party, I knew I didn't want the traditional My Little Pony was just a little too colorful. I knew I wanted to limit the overall color palette so that the ponies would stand out a little more. So I decided on a shabby chic style party mixed with My Little Pony and the results couldn't have made me more happy....and Ava was even happier!
The overall color palette consisted of light pink, aqua/turquoise, white, and accents of natural burlap/jute/kraft paper. I love creating a shabby chic look as it is so easy to re-purpose many things and nothing has to be absolutely perfect....the imperfections add so much character! One of the highlights to my table this year was my backdrop. I created a "ripped" fabric banner...well, I didn't actually rip the fabric, I just cut strips, but ultimately the results are the same. I think the banner really made the look of the table exude shabby chic.
Instead of using fake flowers, I wanted to use sweets to fill the table with greenery (since it is a dessert table of course). So I created cake pops to take the place of plants. I used green sprinkles and topped them with white daisy flower candies. I still wanted to add My Little Pony characters here and there, but not overwhelm the table, so I  included Pez dispensers that I found, as well as my daughters toys. I even found a Pinkie Pie Piñata (though in hindsight, beating a pony wasn't the best idea I have ever had)!
To amp up the backdrop with the My Little Pony Theme, I designed an image that I framed in a beautifully ornate frame that I found at Ikea. I thought this helped keep with the shabby chic theme with holding true to the My Little Pony theme (without the image, the My Little Pony part would have gotten lost).

I always love using the age as a feature to the table. This year she turned 5, so I used number five cookie cutters. I also wanted to represent the main ponies in the sweets I served, so for the cookies I represented Rainbow Dash. Since she is as colorful as a rainbow, I used flowers to symbolize the rainbow. For my cupcakes, I represented, Fluttershy, whose cutie mark is a pink butterfly. (If you are wondering what a cutie mark is, let me fill you is a picture-like symbol located on the pony's flank or haunch that is related to the pony's personality or talent).
Pinkie Pie (my favorite pony because of her affinity for parties) was illustrated using blue and yellow chocolate covered Oreo balloons (her cutie mark symbols of course). The pony, Apple Jack, could be depicted in many ways....plain old apples would suffice as that is her cutie mark, but I decided to go with the most delicious mini apple pies that my best friend makes!
The pony, Rarity, is my daughter's favorite pony, therefore her cake was more than symbolic of the pony....I actually put Rarity right on top!
Twilight Sparkle is a pink and purple pony, so I found My Little Pony suckers at the candy store and used them for the table to depict that particular pony.

Each child needed to have their own bag to fill up with all of the goodies and the candy they would take from the piñata. I used plain old kraft bags and adorned them with pretty pink doilies and printables from the collection I designed. Simple but pretty!
I wanted my centerpieces to scream shabby chic, so I found pale pink artificial peonies and white daisies and placed them into mason jars that I spray painted white and sanded to look distressed. Then I put them on a metal box wrapped with a white doily and draped it with fake pearl strands.
Like I said before, my daughter's toys made the best additions to the decor! I also love to include my daughter's photographs to show how much she has grown. So I placed photos as well as printable designs in simple and inexpensive 4x6 frames that I get at Ikea. (Tip: these frames can be spray painted any color to go with your color scheme....I use white because it is easy and typically matches everything, but sometimes I like to make the frames pop with a particular color).
Paper pennant banners from the printable collection I designed just look festive all around the house.
 You know you made more than enough goodies when they start infiltrating other parts of the house!
I love the look of paper straws with flags in cups or glasses. Just another opportunity to create a very fun and festive look.
I am absolutely obsessed with drink dispensers.....I think I have like 3 different kinds, but I am always eyeing more....I may have a problem, similar to my love for cake and cupcake stands. This year I served Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie lemonade in a dual dispenser stand....who would have guessed that the kids would gravitate to the pink and the adults would like the regular lemonade....I did!
My daughter is not shy in front of the camera, in fact, I think she loves the camera. So getting photos of the birthday girl is always an easy feat!

Her favorite part of the photo shoot was when Princess Celestia (from Candies' Characters) showed up!
Princess Celestia painted the kids faces with cutie marks....and the birthday girl even got her nails painted!
But the ultimate surprise was when the real Rainbow Dash Pony showed up for pony rides!
So what kid doesn't love beating a piñata until candy comes out....but poor Pinkie Pie!
Blowing out the candle is always fun....I hope all my baby girl's wishes come true!
Happy 5th Birthday sweet girl, words just can't express how much Mommy, Daddy, and Jake love you!

A special thanks to Grandma & Grandpa, Gabby, Aunt Kathy, and Missy for all of your help!


Saturday, February 11, 2017

{Sugar Bee} Bananas for Valentine's Cookies

This year for Valentine's Day I went bananas for monkey cookies! These silly monkey face cookies made me smile from ear to ear and I thought whoever received these cookies would get a little chuckle as well. An added bonus to these treats are the banana candies that I included in each bag. Here's to monkeying around this Valentine's Day!

Friday, January 13, 2017

{Sugar Bee} Birthday Cake Pops!

Today is a special day in our is my husband's birthday! Let me tell you, he is a BIG fan of cake pops! So naturally I had to make him some delicious cake pops for his birthday. Because he is also a lemon fanatic, I decided to create lemon cake covered with a yellow colored white chocolate and decorated with colorful sprinkles (very festive for a birthday I thought). They turned out so bright and colorful....perfect for celebrating a birthday!
My daughter was my taste tester and based upon her smile and the sprinkles all over her mouth, I am going to say they were a success!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

{Sugar Bee} Cake Pops for the New Year!

I am starting the New Year off with cake pops! I usually like to use a chocolate cake (because I just love chocolate), but this time I went for something different....I used a white cake and covered the cake pop in chocolate. I must say this combination is pretty tasty and I like it just as much as my chocolate cake pops! 2017 will bring lots of new combination of cake pop flavors from me!

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

{Queen Bee} Merry Christmas Eve!

Christmas is a day away and I finally got all of my holiday baking done! Phew....I was cutting it close, but I did it! I kept to the same color scheme as my Merry Little Christmas Kraft printable collection and created everything in red and white with a touch of a natural element (jute twine in this case). I sure do love keeping with a theme! I hope all of you managed to finish all of your holiday baking!
 Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

{Queen Bee} Putting Holiday Gifts Together

With Christmas only a week away are you searching for the perfect little gift for a neighbor, coworker, or your child's teacher? Every year I like to put together small gifts for my child's teachers that are cute, creative, and don't break the bank. I like to start with one of my printable collections which dictate a theme, color scheme, or overall feel of the gift. I just love how printables can work for more than just parties, with a little creativity, they can be used for so many things, including gifts! This year I went for a rustic, country feel using kraft, jute, and white and red as my color scheme.
Baking is always a must when putting together my little gift basket....sugar cookies and chocolate covered Oreos! I also included the seasonal Peppermint Bark Ghirardelli squares and covered them with my printable mini chocolate wrappers.
Hot cocoa is always warm and comforting this time of year, so I included a couple packets wrapped in my water bottle labels (thinking outside of the box will allow your printables to stretch and be used in a variety of ways). I also provided a peppermint spoon to spice up the hot cocoa!  In addition, my basket included a Hershey chocolate bar covered in a coordinating wrapper. This chocolate can be eaten by itself, used for S'mores, or added to hot cocoa for added chocolatey goodness! 

It isn't too late to put together your thoughtful and creative holiday gifts!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

{Party Bee} Silver & Gold Holiday Collection

The holidays are here and it isn't too late to decorate your home with my new Silver and Gold Holiday collection! Designed with wintery snowflakes using a simple silver and white color palette accented with black and glitter gold, this collection is perfect for the person who loves a little sparkle in their holiday decor but also likes to include a little rustic charm.

The entire collection is $25 and comes with the following:

- 5x5" square invitation (double-sided optional) (envelope not included)
- Circle tags in 4 designs
- "Happy Holidays" double-point pennant banner
- Decorative double-point pennant banner
- 4x6" signs in 2 designs
- Menu tent cards in 4 designs
- Mini chocolate wrappers in 4 designs (designed to fit Ghirardelli squares)
- Water bottle lables in 2 designs
- Straw flags in 2 designs

To order this collection just send me an email with the party information (i.e. date, time, place, RSVP, contact, etc.), receive the files electronically, print out what you need, then cut and assemble!

Have questions? Refer to my FAQs page or send me an email!