Sunday, June 30, 2013

{Sugar Bee} Bad Little Piggies!

These little piggies were fun to decorate, but even more fun to see my son's reaction when first discovering them on our kitchen table! It was so cute hearing him say "bad piggies" upon noticing is moments like those that make it so worth all of the time and effort that it takes to create cookies and treats. It will be even more rewarding to watch my good little boy gobble up a bad little piggy with a big smile!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

{Sugar Bee} Snowflakes in June!

With this blazing heat we are currently experiencing, I WISH we were seeing actual snowflakes, but since it isn't possible with this 120 degree weather and it of course being Arizona, snowflake cookies will just have to suffice!

The reason for snowflake cookies in June you ask? Well there is a little girl who is celebrating her birthday today with a Periwinkle Fairy themed party and her parents are trying to bring "winter" to Arizona in the middle of summer! If you don't know who Periwinkle is, don't feel bad, neither did I until recently. Periwinkle is Tinkerbelle's sister and she is the frost-talent fairy.
So what a better way to bring "winter" early than serving sweet and delicious snowflake cookies to the birthday girl and her guests! Happy Birthday!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

{Sugar Bee} Angry Bird Chocolate Covered Oreos

Ever since we threw my son's Angry Bird birthday party, I just can't seem to get the little birds and piggies out of my head! They are literally everywhere! And of course my son just loves them, so I tend to notice them even more than I normally would otherwise. Well as usual, I couldn't help myself and I had to make the little companion birds to my bad piggies that I made for Jake's birthday party, so I created Red and Yellow Angry Bird Chocolate Covered Oreos!

They were actually pretty easy to create with the help of Wilton candy accessories! All you need are the Wilton Candy Eyeballs and the Wilton Animal Sprinkle Set and the majority of the face is complete! They would also look so great on cake pops or marshmallow pops!
Best of all, kids love them! My son right away said, "eat red bird"! How can that not put a smile on a mom's face....well that is until the sugar kicks in afterwards!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

{Party Bee} Client Feature: Anthony's Baptism Dessert Table

If you remember a couple years ago, Johanne, shared her son Felix's baptism fantastic party pics. Well I had the pleasure of working with Johanne once again on her second son, Anthony's baptism party printables! As always she was a joy to work with and again she has kindly shared her party pictures!
This time around, Johanne chose to use the Jake Baptism Collection: Blue Palette. She created cupcake toppers using the printables to adorn her homemade cupcakes as well as to create tags for her cross sugar cookies that served as party favors!  She also made square sugar cookies with crosses in the center for guests to eat at the party, her son Anthony appears to also have enjoyed them...doesn't he look so cute!
Not only did guests receive cookies as party favors, but they also got a bookmark featuring Anthony's picture, baptism date, as well as the parents' and godparents' names! Such a clever idea, Johanne!
At the center of the dessert table was an amazing dulce de leche cake covered in blue fondant and decorated with polka dots and a white bow and topped with a fondant cross, made by Johanne's mother! Beautifully done!
Here is the adorable family in front of the dessert table!

Thank you, Johanne, for sharing Anthony's special day with us! Everything turned out so great!
Happy Baptism, Anthony!

Monday, June 17, 2013

{Sugar Bee} If you Mustache, My Dad's the Man!

This Father's Day was all about the mustache! If you haven't noticed, mustaches have been the biggest trend for a little while now. It is something about the 'stache that says, I am a dude! But don't get me wrong, I am not really into real mustaches. Although some men look great with them, for the most part they are just not so cute. However, candy mustaches or stick-on mustaches for kids....adorable, and totally hilarious!

So this year, I went all out with the mustache theme! Mustache lollipops, mustache chocolate covered Oreos, and mustache glasses were displayed as a surprise for my husband! And in the gift bag....a Father's Day t-shirt that Jake picked out for his daddy to wear!
But what I thought was the most fun was the mustache frame I made that displayed a fun picture that was recently taken of my son when we went to Disneyland wearing a stuffed mustache! Like I wearing mustaches are the cutest! I think this may have inspired a new collection!

Happy Father's Day to all of the wonderful fathers out there! I hope you had a special day filled with joy and love! Especially to my dad who is the best daddy a girl could ask for and to a husband who I love very much!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

{Party Bee} Angry Birds Printable Collection

The Sugar Bee Bungalow is happy to present the Angry Birds Printable Collection! Filled with soaring Angry Birds and Bad Little Piggies, your guests will have lots of fun crashing your party!

The entire collection costs $30 and comes with the following:

* 5x7 Invitation (envelope not included)
* "Jake is 3!" banner (personalized with child's name and age)
* 2 circle tag designs
* Thank you tags
* Treat bag labels
* Mini candy wrappers (designed to fit Ghirardelli squares)
* Hershey Nugget wrappers
* Water bottle labels
* TNT signs in 3 sizes (small, medium, and large); designed to fit different size crates/boxes
* Yellow bird party hat
* Cupcake wrappers
* Patterned paper

Just contact me with the party information (name, date, time, place, RSVP contact, etc), receive the files electronically, print what you need, then cut and assemble!

Friday, June 7, 2013

{Sugar Bee} Chocolate Covered Oreo Balloon Bouquet for Grandma's Birthday!

Today is a very special is my mom's birthday! So of course I wanted to create something pretty and delicious to honor this amazing woman and her big day! Thus, I made a bouquet of chocolate covered Oreo balloons in a vase of her favorite M&M's (peanut)! A sweet treat to celebrate a sweet life!
Happy Birthday to the Greatest Mom and Grandma! We love you very much!