Tuesday, October 27, 2015

{Queen Bee} Disneyland Surprise!

A couple weeks ago, my husband and I surprised our little ones with a trip to Disneyland. I did this in part because telling them any earlier would result in being asked if we are going to Disney everyday (perhaps every hour) until the day we left.....but mostly because I love surprises and this would be so special! So I thought the best way to surprise my son and daughter would be to just let them get into the car and have it decorated with Mickey Mouse related decorations and little activities and things just for them.

So I created a banner using construction paper and twine. I also transformed a wooden photo box (found at Michael's Craft Store) into Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse boxes and filled them with small Mickey and Minnie themed toys, DVDs, stickers, notepads, t-shirts, and other activities to help keep them occupied during our long ride to California. The best part was that the box was their own souvenir to fill with odds and ends they collected during their vacation! Last but not least, I made Mickey Mouse Clubhouse sugar cookies for all of us to enjoy during our trip. Those were gobbled up!
Once they got into the car they immediately found their boxes and when they asked why the car was decorated with Mickey and Minnie decorations, their faces filled with excitement!
Though it was super tough keeping this trip a secret, these smiles made all of our hard work and secrecy so worth it!
 Disneyland was so much fun and I look forward to surprising them the next time we go to Disneyland!
It was happiest place on earth because it made my kids the happiest little boy and girl!

To download the templates I used to trace onto the construction paper click HERE!

Monday, October 26, 2015

{Sugar Bee} Witches Fingers

Last month my older brother saw some really cool and nasty looking finger cookies on Facebook and asked me if I could make them for him. I said sure! They couldn't be that difficult, right? Plus, they are pretty creepy and fun and I always love a challenge. Well, they were slightly more challenging than I thought. Not because it is hard to roll and shape them, but trying to find a recipe that won't expand and flatten so much that they look like giant ogre sausage fingers. But in the end, I think they turned out pretty well....well enough that even I have trouble stomaching the thought of biting into one! My daughter won't even go near them!

If you are looking to give them a try, I suggest the following: I found Giada's recipe for these cookies to be the best as far as keeping its shape. When you roll them into approximately 5 inch "ropes"/fingers, make sure you roll them pretty thin as they will expand (no wider than 1/2 inch). If you use too much dough, they will be too wide and will lose the finger shape....that is when you get into ogre sausage finger territory. Lastly, if you plan on creating a "dirty" finger look, brush on the cinnamon after the cookies have baked and cooled slightly.

Halloween is drawing near, so these are perfect to make for your family, friends, co-workers, or at your next party! They will certainly turn heads...and maybe stomachs!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

{Sugar Bee} Cookies that "Vant to Suck Your Blood"!

It is Halloween time and in our household we celebrate with fun, silly and not so spooky decor and goodies. So after seeing The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle create the most adorable mustache vampire fang cookies a couple years back, I thought what a perfect way to add to the playfulness of the holiday and I had to make them. Not only are these yummy to eat, but they are so much fun to play with as well....just look at the smile on my son's face (well it is behind those silly vampire fangs)!
My son had a blast with his mustache vampire fangs and my daughter thought her fangs were funny, but mostly just wanted to eat them!
 I just love to watch the smiles on their faces as they eat their treats!
What are you making for Halloween this year?!

Friday, October 16, 2015

{Sugar Bee} He's ALIVE!

He's ALIVE! And I have created these Frankenstein chocolate covered Oreos to help me Boo this year! These delicious treats will hopefully fright and delight!

Check out my FREE downloads so that you can join the fun and start Booing!

Friday, October 9, 2015

{Party Bee} Pumpkin Carving Party Printable Collection

It is time to start finding pumpkins and carving them into fun Jack O'Lanterns and amazing works of art to light up your yard! This year how fun would it be to have a party with friends and family and enjoy carving pumpkins together. Well now you can with my new printable collection! Eat, Drink, & Carve! Then at the end of the night, light them all up and have a little contest to see whose is the best-carved, scariest, funniest, silliest, etc!

The entire collection is $20 and comes with the following:

- 4x9 Invitation (envelope not included)
- "Eat, Drink, & Carve" banner
-" Happy Carving" banner
- Circle tags
- Blank square tags (but can be punched with a circle punch)
- Welcome door sign
- Water bottle labels in 3 designs
- Blank tent cards
- 4x6 signs in 2 designs
- Straw flags

To order this collection, just send me an email with the party information (i.e. date, time, place, RSVP, etc.), receive the files electronically, print out what you need, then cut and assemble!

Have questions? Refer to my FAQ's page or send me an email!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

{Sugar Bee} Shhhh.....Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sugar Cookies!

The gang's all here and ready to surprise my little mouseketeers with their trip to Disneyland! These are only a part of the surprise, stay tuned for the big reveal! I can't wait!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

{Party Bee} Halloween Monster Masks!

HOORAY! It is October 1st and the start of the many fun Fall and Halloween related activities! To celebrate the beginning of my favorite time of year, I am giving my readers a fun download to enjoy with your kiddos- Halloween Monster Masks!
For the little boys, I have created a Silly Vampire, and for the little girls, I created a Friendly Ghost. Though of course both can be enjoyed by both boys and girls! My little monsters had so much fun playing with their masks...as you can see here!
To download the Halloween Monster Masks CLICK HERE.
Happy October 1st!