Tuesday, July 5, 2011

{Party Bee} Jake's 1st Birthday Party

The wait is finally over and the photographs of Jake's 1st birthday party came back from K.L. Images! They are absolutely adorable and allow me to remember all of the wonderful memories we made with our family and friends that day. The Anchors Away Collection looked so festive and colorful and worked so well for the holiday weekend!
 Here I am wearing my coordinating nautical dress along with Jake in his t-shirt that I decorated with a "1" and a crab applique that I purchased from the etsy shop, Ella Ba' Dellas Handmade Appliques.
 Cupcakes decorated with paper cupcake toppers and candy anchors, crabs, and lobsters.
 Jake's smash cake was made with love by his godmother...it looks very cute! I loved how she included the party printable (it is edible!) on top.
 You can't have a nautical themed party without having Swedish Fish!
 The mini candy wrappers looked great around the Ghirardelli chocolate squares!
 Mom's Killer Cakes and Cookies did an amazing job with Jake's custom cake pops!
 I had a blast making these crab and lobster sugar cookies. They looked so great on the table and looked even better when guests ate them!
I wanted everyone to see how Jake has changed so much (and so quickly) over the past 12 months, so I created a banner that featured one picture for every month since he was born. It is amazing to see how they grow and develop in their first year of life! 
 To thank the guests for coming and celebrating with us, I created a table of party favors. Beach pails with fun toys inside were made for the children. Decorated water bottles with packets of Hawaiian Punch flavoring were created for all the guests to enjoy.
 The birthday boy wasn't so fond of cake time....but he managed to make a very tiny dent in his smash cake.
It was such a happy and special day! A big thanks to all that helped make Jake's birthday so wonderful and very memorable!

Printables and Styling: The Sugar Bee Bungalow
Cookies and Cupcakes: The Sugar Bee Bungalow
Photography: K.L. Images
Smash Cake: Missy Lawson

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