Monday, February 6, 2012

{Busy Bee} Cookies That I Heart!

Valentine's Day is such a fun holiday, mostly because it is filled with hearts, love, pink and red, and of course candy and treats! I love looking at all of the wonderful decorations and desserts made for this holiday and am constantly inspired.

This year I have come across a few "busy bees" who have created many heart shaped sugar cookies that have stolen my heart. If they don't inspire you to want to bake or create something this Valentine's Day, they will surely give you a sweet tooth!

 The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle, (probably who I would consider my ultimate "cookie crush") created these beautiful heart shaped cookies. The owl heart is so brilliant and beautiful, and the polka dot heart is so cute in its simplicity. I may have to try my hand at both of day.

Bake at 350, cleverly made heart cookies with the names of iconic lovers as well as three-dimensional cookies! My favorite of her iconic lovers are of course Lucy and Ricky!

Glorious Treats, created colorful and fun heart cookies! I absolutely love how she cuts out the center of the heart. I also think her garland cookies are super cute, it really is difficult to tell which are the cookies and which is the garland!

 I only wish I had enough time to create all of these myself! I can't wait to get started on my Valentine's treats!

Happy Baking and Treat Making!

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