Friday, June 29, 2012

{Party Bee} Jake Street!

This year my husband and I had a lot of fun throwing Jake's 2nd birthday party! We thought that with Jake being so interested in Sesame Street, we had to go all out with this theme and bring "Jake Street" to our house. We primarily used a color palette of blue and green, simply because I just happen to love that color combination. But we wanted to add dashes of reds, yellows, and oranges by including the show's characters and yummy treats since Sesame Street is so colorful and we wanted the brightness, whimsy and fun to really show through.
If you saw Jake's party pics from last year, you will notice that he wasn't so fond of cake time. So this year I figured that if his favorite characters were on top of the cake, he may enjoy his cake time a little more. We ordered his cake from Mind Over Batter and they did not disappoint my little man...he loved the characters and recognized them instantly! He actually thought they were toys! Though you will see that cake time still isn't his favorite part of his party.
Jake's Godmother made his cupcakes and the kids devoured them! There were a lot of blue faces at his party!
Of course I had to include sugar cookies to coordinate with the theme, so I made Elmo and Cookie Monster cookies as well as the number "2" for the birthday boy!
 Treat bags and water bottles were placed on the table so that when guests get home with their goodies they can eat everything then wash it all down!
No party would be complete without lollipops, chocolate covered Oreos, and cake pops (made by Mind Over Batter)!
 I created these simple yet so fun party bags for the kids party favors and treats. I think they really add to the tables overall theme!
 Not only does Elmo love his Goldfish and does Jake!
Jars filled with candies and cookies...Jake especially loved the "Slimey Worms"!
 My husband worked so hard on these plywood character cut-outs and the Jake Street sign. I think he did a fantastic job! Jake's face lit up every time he saw them!
 These cut-outs were not only great decoration but were a lot of fun to take pictures next to!
 Here we are in Hooper's Store!
 Jake had so much fun playing the Sesame Street cake walk game!
 Jake and daddy getting ready for cake will see that he didn't enjoy cake time again, but not because he didn't like the cake, but because mommy and daddy wouldn't let him touch his lit candle!
My little 2 year old...oh how time flies! Happy Birthday, my little mister!

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