Tuesday, August 21, 2012

{Sugar Bee} I Can Hear the Bells....

Wedding bells, that is! Over the weekend I created Wedding Cake Chocolate Covered Oreos for my cousin's upcoming wedding celebration. The family are big fans of chocolate covered Oreos and I thought what a perfect time to create little wedding cake shaped goodies. The best part is that the guests will have a nice surprise when they bite into not just one Oreo, but two! The bottom layer of the "cake" has a standard size Oreo and the top layer is created using a mini Oreo. I hope everyone brings their sweet tooth!
But perhaps these "cakes" are best shared with a loved one....


  1. Hello -

    Would you be able to answer a couple of questions about there - I am trying to make them myself, but the cookies keep showing through!!

    You really are the 'Queen Bee' for making these work!!! Please help!

  2. When working with light colors such as white the cookies showing through can definitely be a problem. You don't want to press the cookie too hard or too far down into the mold. And try your hardest to keep the cookies centered so they stay far enough away from the sides of the mold. Keep practicing! I am sure they look lovely!