Wednesday, October 17, 2012

{Sugar Bee} M&M Candy Corn

The countdown to Halloween has begun! I am sure it is no surprise that my family LOVES Halloween. It could be due to the weather cooling down, the fun colors and decorations of the season, or all of the yummy treats...or perhaps it is a combination of everything. Regardless of the reason, my family goes all out for Halloween and this year is no exception, especially with the addition of our little girl. We want her to have a fantastic 1st Halloween (though she won't remember anything, she will have pictures to see in the future)!

So during one of my trips to the store, I came across a bag of M&M's that were created in the colors of candy corn. What a great idea! Of course the first thing that popped in my head was to make a large candy corn using the orange, yellow and white M&M's, inspired by the Easter jelly bean carrots. Such a simple project with a fun and festive would love to assist with this craft and it can also be educational, especially for children learning their colors or how to count.

All you need to create these are clear disposable pastry bags (I found mine at Williams Sonoma), M&M's, ribbon, twist ties, and tape. Fill the bags first with the white M&M's, then the orange, and lastly the yellow and use a twist tie to close. Because the M&M's are too large to fill the very point of the bag, you will need to tape the empty "point" to the back of the pastry bag. Finally, tie the top with ribbon and viola....looks like a large candy corn! 
How Bootiful!

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