Friday, April 25, 2014

{Party Bee} Jake & Ava's Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy Birthday Party

Another year has flown by and my babies have grown a little older, taller, smarter, and more beautiful than ever! To celebrate my wee ones growing another year older, my husband and I decided that we would throw both of our kids a joint birthday party with a cowboy theme! We decided upon the theme because it is a classic, it works for both genders, and it is just plain fun (and I had the same theme when I was in the second grade)!
My first decision when creating the printables and decorations was determining the colors and patterns. I chose red, black, and brown/tan because they were gender neutral and are colors typically found in western themed decorations. The patterns, paisley, cow print, and gingham, are typical of farms/cowboys and were easily accessible (which is very helpful). The part that I loved most about the theme was that nothing had to be "perfect" as it was to look more rustic and weathered which was nice when I realized my printing wasn't exactly how I wanted it and my cow print wasn't all exactly the same or precise! Definitely took some of the pressure off since I am just naturally a perfectionist.
Because the party was for both of my kids, I had to personalize the printables, food, and decorations to include their initials and ages. I wanted to represent each of them individually yet equally, but also together as the party was indeed for the both of them. Therefore, I created cookies in the forms of 2's and 4's, painted paper mache letters using chalkboard paint (so they can draw on them after the party), but the cake was for the both of them as well as some of the larger printable designs.
A fun element of the party was coming up with fun and clever names for all of the food that fit with the theme! One of my favorites was "Happy Trails Mix"!
Also, for mom's who aren't confident in their baking/decorating skills, cow print is the way to go! All you have to do is start with white chocolate covered Oreos or white icing on sugar cookies and then add different shaped globs...precision isn't required and in fact the less precise the better!
Putting up signs printed on Kraft paper was so much fun! They were not only helpful in identifying the tables, but they were additional items that carried on the cowboy lingo.
Mason jars at a cowboy party is a must! They not only look so cute, but they are reusable so it helps reduce the amount of trash! I also attached little tags with jute twine so that guests could write their names on them.
The children's tables had place settings in the form of coloring pages purchased from an Etsy seller. Along with the coloring page, each child received a juice box, party bag, Sheriff's badge, a cowboy hat, and a scarf!
My husband and I came across this amazing bounce house online that offered something for almost all ages and it kept with our theme! The kids had tons of fun on it!
I have always loved photo booths at parties as it is fun for the guests and it leaves the host with many memories!
Our little buckaroos loved their party, but trying to get a photograph of the two of them together proved  to be a little difficult!
One thing we always like to do is dress according to our theme! Not only is it just fun to add a little costume to the party, but it makes for fun family photos!
They were smiling from ear to ear all through their party, I think they had a rootin' tootin' time!
Unfortunately the day was quite windy and we couldn't light the candles, but they pretended pretty well! Besides, all they really wanted was the cake!
Happy Birthday to my little buckaroos!
Mommy and Daddy love you both very much!

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