Monday, October 26, 2015

{Sugar Bee} Witches Fingers

Last month my older brother saw some really cool and nasty looking finger cookies on Facebook and asked me if I could make them for him. I said sure! They couldn't be that difficult, right? Plus, they are pretty creepy and fun and I always love a challenge. Well, they were slightly more challenging than I thought. Not because it is hard to roll and shape them, but trying to find a recipe that won't expand and flatten so much that they look like giant ogre sausage fingers. But in the end, I think they turned out pretty well....well enough that even I have trouble stomaching the thought of biting into one! My daughter won't even go near them!

If you are looking to give them a try, I suggest the following: I found Giada's recipe for these cookies to be the best as far as keeping its shape. When you roll them into approximately 5 inch "ropes"/fingers, make sure you roll them pretty thin as they will expand (no wider than 1/2 inch). If you use too much dough, they will be too wide and will lose the finger shape....that is when you get into ogre sausage finger territory. Lastly, if you plan on creating a "dirty" finger look, brush on the cinnamon after the cookies have baked and cooled slightly.

Halloween is drawing near, so these are perfect to make for your family, friends, co-workers, or at your next party! They will certainly turn heads...and maybe stomachs!

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