Thursday, December 24, 2015

{Sugar Bee} Have a Merry Sweet Christmas!

Once again inspired by The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle and her Mrs. Claus cookies, I decided that I wanted Mrs. Claus to have her day to be recognized. After all, Santa is always getting all the hype and attention, well it was Mrs. Claus' turn (I am sure she is doing all of the preparation and organizing for Santa anyway)! So I created Mrs. Claus sugar cookies! 
I thought, what would be more fitting than accompanying the sugar cookies with chocolate covered Oreos to look like chocolate chip cookies....those are Mrs. Claus' specialty after all. This cookie duo will look lovely tonight on a platter ready for the little ones to dig in!

From my family (and Mrs. Claus) to yours, Have a Merry Sweet Christmas!

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