Wednesday, June 1, 2016

{Party Bee} Revenge of the Sixth: Jedi Jake's Star Wars Themed Birthday Party

I can't believe it, my baby boy is 6 years old! It seems like the years are flying by in "light speed"! This year for my son's birthday, he insisted that he have a Star Wars themed party. Well I was very delighted with his choice because not only are there so many accessible Star Wars decorations and toys out right now because of the new movie, but because it is a SUPER FUN theme! Thus Jedi Jake's Revenge of the Sixth birthday came to be!
Jake has always wavered between the light side and the dark side because both sides have really cool characters and costumes. Darth Vader, Storm Troopers, and Kylo Ren are just dressed so cool, but Yoda, Luke Skywalker, Hans Solo, and the Droids are just awesome! Because of this, I knew his party had to feature both sides representing the dichotomy between the light and dark sides.
I tried to divide the dessert table to represent both the light and dark side. The left side of the table featured the light side side and the right side of the table mostly featured the dark side.

Each child or "Young Jedi" was welcomed at the door with a door sign and of course the phrase "May the Force Be With You" was wished to all the guests throughout the party.
 I created number 6 cookies to resemble Wookies, thus they were called "Wookie Cookies".
The light side cupcakes were made of vanilla cake adorned with Yoda chocolate toppers. The dark side cupcakes were chocolate cake topped with Darth Vader chocolates.
I had a special cake made by a very talented woman and not only was it beautiful, it was so delicious! The cake even represented the light and dark sides by presenting a Storm Trooper and Chewbacca. Inside the cake was both chocolate and vanilla cake to even further represent the dichotomy. The cute number 6 BB8 candle was just the perfect touch to finish off the cake. (You can find this candle and other characters on Etsy from The Crafty Pair).

My best and equally talented friend, Gabby, created the "Driod Pops". These delicious cake pops were made to look like C3PO and BB8. The kids just loved these!  
 The table also contained Jawa chocolate covered Oreos and Hans Rolos. These just made me giggle! 
I always like to include water bottles as a quick, easy, and festive decoration, but they are also very practical because guests get to wash down all of the sugar and food they will consume. 
I thought it would be a fun play on the widely known phrase to add a sign wishing everyone "May the Sweets Be With You" on the dessert table.
Each child that came to the party left with fun party favors. They received a bag that said "Thank You, You're a Trooper" with their own Jedi name tag so they don't mix up their bags with another bag. They also got a Yoda apple juice and finally a light saber bubble wand. The bubble wands were a kid favorite!
The table centerpieces were quick and easy 4x6 signs that fit in to Ikea frames that I spray painted with silver spray paint. I also created signs that I glued onto dowels and bamboo skewers for additional Star Wars elements. 
Because this was a pool party, I thought it would be fun to have light saber pool noodles for any training that the kids wanted to do in the pool!
I have used this letter "J" for several of Jake's parties....I love being able to reuse things! This year I used duck tape and felt and made the "J" to look like Darth Vader.

For the Darth Vader Pinata, I turned a large dowel into a light saber so that all of the Jedi Knights could destroy the dark side! 
I carried the theme on to the food table. The banner reads "6 is Jake" as to mimic Yoda speak. I also wrapped the napkins and silverware to look like light sabers. Here was another opportunity where they could decide which side they wanted to be on!
The beverage dispensers were a lot of fun! I gave guests the option of choosing Vaderade, which was of course red Gatorade; or they could choose Yoda Soda, which was essentially green Hawaiian Punch. I am happy to report that the guests favored the light side here! 
My sweet boy and his sister "Princess Ava" really loved the decorations and the theme....even down to their outfits and hair buns!
Mom and dad joined in on the fun and wore Star Wars shirts too. I had a shirt made for my husband that read "Jake, I am Your Father" with Darth Vader in the center. That design still makes me laugh!
 Fighting Darth Vader with the light saber was a lot of fun!
I think Jake's favorite part (aside from opening up his presents of course) was blowing out the candle on his amazing cake!

I think the force was with Jedi Jake and he had a very special sixth birthday! I love you my sweet boy!

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