Thursday, March 31, 2016

{Party Bee} Client Feature: Julian's All Star 1st Birthday Party

I recently was approached by my great friend, Gabby, to design a printable collection for her cousin's baby boy, Julian's, 1st birthday party. They wanted to throw a sports themed birthday party and I was excited to assist as it was a theme I hadn't worked on before and I always love designing new collections! They are HUGE Yankees fans, but are also big basketball and football enthusiasts as well, so it really only seemed appropriate that Julian have an All Star birthday party. Oh boy was the party a touchdown, home run, and slam dunk all in one! Gabby did a beautiful job and I am thrilled she has shared some photos from the birthday party.
The table was laid out so nicely using a black and white striped tablecloth which reminds me of referees of course. Then on top of the tablecloth, she placed a table runner made of artificial grass which looks so awesome and like the field of a football or baseball stadium! But what I have to say is an exceptional part of the table is the banner holder made of baseball bats and topped with baseballs. It is not only functional but so cute and only adds to the themed decor! Even more adorable are the VIP passes that were given to the guests of the party. What a cute party favor and way to remember the birthday boy's big day.
A friend of the family created some super cute and probably quite delicious desserts for the table. The cake and cupcakes are adorned with cute sports balls made of fondant. The cake pops are just absolutely adorable and are created to look like baseballs, footballs, and basketballs. I just love them!
Gabby filled two natural finished crates with treats that are typically thought of when attending sporting events. One crate contains little baggies of sunflower seeds and peanuts topped with coordinating labels. The other crate has traditional boxes of Cracker Jacks. All are just so perfect for an All Star event!
I was so happy to create chocolate covered Oreos for the party. I had never created baseball or basketballs before, so I was especially excited to make them for this party.
It looks like this special little boy and his mama had a wonderful day celebrating his 1st birthday! I am sure he is the MVP in that family!

Happy 1st birthday to the All Star Julian!

Monday, March 14, 2016

{Party Bee} Over the Rainbow Collection

Calling all Munchkins! I am excited to introduce my Over The Rainbow Collection. These printables won't have your guests clicking their heels to go home, but instead will be saying "there's no place like" this party! The blue gingham and sparkly red accents will definitely be a favorite for the little ones who love Dorothy. So "follow the yellow brick road" to my newest party collection and celebrate Wizard of Oz style!

The entire collection is $35 and comes with the following:

- 5x7 invitation (envelope not included)
- "Happy Birthday" banner
- "child's name is age" banner
- Circle tags in 2 designs (these are perfect for cupcake toppers, cookie tags, treat bag labels, confetti, etc. the uses are endless!)
- Blank square tags
- Thank you square tags that say "We Thank You Very Sweetly"
- Water bottle labels in 2 designs
- Straw flags
- "Welcome My Pretties" 8x10 door sign
- "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" 8x10 sign
- "Are you a Good Witch or a Bad Witch" 5x7 sign (intended to be used by the beverage table for adult beverage, but can also be used as a quote sign)
- 4x6 signs in two designs
- Treat bag labels
- Menu Tent/Place Cards
- "Calling All Munchkins" envelope sticker labels
- Courage badge sticker labels
- Party hats
- 5x7 Thank you Card

Bonus printables:
- Pin the heart on the Tin Man game
- Follow the Yellow Brick Road cake walk
- M&M guessing game

To order this collection, just send me an email with the party information (i.e. date, time, place, RSVP, etc.) receive the files electronically, print out what you need, then cut and assemble!

Have questions? Refer to my FAQs page or send me an email!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

{Party Bee} There's No Place Like Ava's 4th Birthday Party!

Another year has flown by and my daughter is another year older (it really does go by too quickly). For a couple years now, my kids have loved the movie, The Wizard of Oz. It is such a great family film with wonderful music, and this year she wanted to have a party all about Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz. I was very excited to create this party for her, the hardest part was trying to get myself to hold back because I wanted to do SO much (it is easy to let your imagination run wild when the theme is so much fun). The end result made my daughter smile and it made her so mission was accomplished!
The idea of this party definitely was inspired by Dorothy Gale and her iconic blue dress. All of my printables that I designed kept the blue gingham as its primary pattern with accents of red sparkle (to keep with the idea of the ruby red slippers). The front door sign welcomed our guests with a little quote from the movie. When they walked in and saw the dessert table, they also noticed a pair of legs with ruby red slippers coming out from the table. I just thought it added a funny element to the table don't want things to get too scary for the kids)!
 As my guests walked up to the house, I created a path for them to follow....specifically they had to "Follow the Yellow Brick Road".
I found a wonderful image on Etsy that I had printed and used as my backdrop to look like we were peering through a window and into Oz. It added such a lovely pop of color!
The ceramic centerpiece to the table was actually a gift given to me a year prior from my cousin, who knew we loved the movie. It was the perfect decoration! The sugar cookies this year were inspired by the yellow brick road, but I always love to use the kids ages so combining the two was the obvious solution.
I created chocolate covered Oreos inspired by the Tin Man. It took a little experimenting to get the white chocolate the right color, and then added a little bit of edible shimmer. Then I added a red heart and voila! I also wanted to include a treat for young children to enjoy, so I placed animal crackers into bags to represent "Lions, and Tigers, and Bears....oh my!".
As you may remember from the movie, the Wicked Witch used poppies to make Dorothy and her friends fall asleep. So I thought I would use poppies to adorn the cupcakes so that they look like a field of poppies. I also had to include the ruby red slippers somehow, so my dear friend made cake pops with red crystal sprinkles....they were delicious! 
Who doesn't think about the Munchkins and the Lollipop Guild when they think of The Wizard of Oz? I sure do! Thus, I had to include large swirly lollipops....the kids devoured these! I also had to-go bags for the guests to take treats home with a "very sweet" thank you message on them!
The centerpiece of the children's tables were a lot of fun to make. They were Lincoln Logs put together to look like Dorothy's house falling on the Witch of the East. These definitely got a few giggles! Each table also had white frames with Ava's pictures and fun birthday sayings.
 Every child had fun party favors to take home. They each received a party hat, Wizard of Oz coloring activity, and a party box filled with stickers, bubbles, and 3 very important things....
 ......each child left with a heart (an ornament), a brain (smarties rolled in paper), and courage (a sticker badge)!
When the guests arrived, the first game they got to play was guessing how many M&Ms were in the jar....the winner of course got the jar of M&Ms. Who knew 964 M&Ms could fit inside of that mason jar!?!
For the beverages I thought serving a kid and adult beverage would be fun....especially if I could play on another quote from the movie. The good witches were served pink lemonade, the bad witches were served a spiked lemonade (children weren't given the option to be bad).
Though, if the children really wanted to be bad, they could drink some "Wicked Water"....which was just plain ol' water!
The birthday girl had a very special cupcake adorned with two poppies and her very own number four candle.
The outside decorations carried on the decor from the inside....even the yellow brick road (though this was the game version).
 My little girl had so much fun dressing up as Dorothy, she especially loved carrying her Toto!
 We even had the rest of the characters show up to the party!
Our second game was a play on the cake walk, but we called it "Follow the Yellow Brick Road"! Instead of a cake, the person whose number was called received a character mask. As you can see the Glinda was very happy to have won her mask!
Our third game was a twist on Pin the Tail on the we played "Pin the Heart on Tin Man".
The last activity was of course a pinata! We can never have a party without a pinata. The kids loved trying to bust the rainbow for candy.
This girl had such a special 4th birthday celebrating with family and friends! 
"A heart is not judged by how much you love, but how much you are loved by others"...and she sure is loved!

Happy birthday my sweet girl!

Special Thanks to Nana for making the amazing Scarecrow costume, Grandma for the gingham curtains and tablecloths and for all the help at the party, Gabby for the delicious cakepops and to Gabby and Mel for being my right hand women before, during, and after the party!

Vendor Credits:
Printable Backdrop: ThumbAlinaLane
Gumpaste Poppies: Mary's Cake Confections
Ruby Red Slippers Iron On Applique: The Garden Boutique

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

{Party Bee} Nautical Glam Printable Collection

New to my site is a fun twist on a classic party theme. I call it my Nautical Glam printable collection. It is a combination of traditional nautical designs with a touch of gold glitter for an added dose of glamour! You and your mates will fall in love with this collection, "hook, line, and sinker"! So set sail and celebrate "Nautical Glam" style!

The entire collection is $35 and comes with the following:

- 5x7 invitation (envelope not included)
- "Happy Birthday name of child" banner
- "Name of child" banner
- Circle tags in 4 designs (these are perfect to use as cupcake toppers, cookie tags, treat bag decorations, confetti, etc., the uses are endless!)
- Circle tags with the names of the children attending the party (24 max)
- Decorative banners in two anchor designs
- Water bottle labels in 2 designs
- Straw flags
- Mini chocolate wrappers (designed to fit Ghirardelli chocolate squares)
- Treat bag labels
- 4x5" Thank you card
- Patterned paper

To order this collection, just send me an email with the party information (i.e. date, time, place, RSVP, etc.), receive the files electronically, print out what you need, then cut and assemble!

Have questions? Refer to my FAQs page or send me an email!