Thursday, November 2, 2017

{Party Bee} Dia De Los Muertos Dessert Table

The day after Halloween last year, I knew I wanted to create a Dia De Los Muertos dessert table for the following year. So let me tell you, I was so excited last month when I started designing my table and decorations for Halloween. The Day of the Dead decorations are so colorful, festive, and easy to do! It is a celebration that lasts for the few days between Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos.
When I started my design, I knew that I wanted a bright but limited color palette for my printable collection. So my primary color scheme was red, black, blue, and yellow. This helped keep things a little balanced and overall cohesive. For an added pop of colors, I wanted to have lots of paper flowers to adorn the table. These paper flowers are very traditional within the Mexican culture, as are the papel picado that are replicated in my printable collection.

As you know, I love sugar cookies and so I knew I had to create some for my table. I created sugar skulls and flowers with skull centers. The color palette was a little lighter than the rest of the table, but I liked the variety of hues. I can't get enough of sugar skulls and I just loved the way these turned out
I also knew I had to create chocolate covered Oreos, so similarly I made sugar skulls and mini flowers. These were so saturated with color and looked so bright and lovely on the table.
I am a big fan of balance and cohesion, and the flower toppers on the cupcakes balanced out the colors from the chocolate covered Oreos quite nicely.
I couldn't resist adding margaritas to the celebration! Really what is a fiesta without margaritas?! Though these ones were adorned with coordinating straw flags and placed next to a beautiful Calavera Catrina!
I cannot have a table without water bottles. These are one of the simplest and cost effective items that can be used on a dessert table all while adding to the decor. Not to mention, water is necessary after eating all these sweets!
I tried something a little different this year and created chocolate covered Pretzels...let me just say these were super rich with the crazy amount of chocolate that went on the pretzels. Death by chocolate is truly what these bad boys are....but aren't they beauties!
Lucky for me, my best friend, Gabby, makes the cutest cake pops and she so kindly added to my table by creating these adorable sugar skull cake pops!

I had such a fun time creating this dessert table. If you are interested in creating a table like this, check out my printable collection for next year!

Hope you had a Happy Halloween and Feliz Dia De Los Muertos!

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