Thursday, March 15, 2018

{Sugar Bee} Beer Steins and Bowie Cookies for a Fun and Unique Birthday Party

When I received a custom sugar cookie order for a joint birthday party for a pretty cool and awesome mama and her baby boy, I was totally "hopped up" and "beery" excited! Ok, I know, enough with the puns, but let me just say that this is probably the most fun and unique birthday party ever! This mama shares a birth month with her little one, so she planned a super fun and hip party for the two of them.

Because mama is a beer drinker and a fan of breweries, she wanted a beer stein cookie. However, not just your typical beer stein, but a cute one. So I created a beer stein with a subtle gold polka dot pattern (because mama likes polka dots) that kinda resembles the bubbles inside the beer glass, and added a cute girly face with red lips and eyelashes, and completed the look with a red bow. To top off the beer stein, I created fun bubbles overflowing from the glass and highlighted them with a bit of pearl luster dust for some added sparkle.

For the little man turning one, I wanted to really highlight his age by created a number one cookie. The first birthday is a super special one, so I knew these cookies needed to be just as special! So I added the same polka dot pattern to try and unify the two cookies a little bit, and then decorated the cookie with a David Bowie lightening bolt. Why a Bowie lightening bolt, you ask? Well mom and dad are such huge David Bowie fans, that they named their little one after him! So this cookie not only signifies their love for the musician, but of course the love for their little boy who is hitting his first big milestone!

I have to say I really loved making these cookies and I think they are just unBEERlievable! Wishing both mama and baby Bowie a very Happy Birthday!

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