Friday, October 29, 2010

{Party Bee} The Jake Baptism Party Collection

Tired of not being able to find party decorations that are in the color scheme you need? Or perhaps you can't find decorations that are unique and not so commercial. I definitely know the challenge of creating a "look" that is specific in color and is one-of-a-kind and not straight out of the party store. Therefore I have created custom-made party decorations and my Baptism party printables are now available for purchase.

The Jake Baptism Party Collection comes in a blue, brown and yellow color palette that is perfect for celebrating your baby boy and his special day. Get an entire set of decor to create a pretty and unique party for $20. Just send me the name of the child to be baptized and the party information.

The Jake Baptism Party Collection contains:
Invitation (envelopes not included) 
5 cupcake/cookie tag designs- 6 to a page (these can be used in many different ways)
Labels for your treat table
Large cross in a circle (great for the wall, table centerpiece, or hanging decoration)
Banner with Happy Baptism ______(child's name)

Receive the document electronically and print out as many as you want!

The Jake Baptism Party Collection also comes in 3 different color palette options and also comes in pink for little girls! Just go to my Party Collections page to view!

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