Saturday, October 2, 2010

{Bungalow Bee} Office Room Inspiration Board

Since my husband and I just recently put an offer on a house, we are so excited and anxious to decorate our new home. I have been anticipating this moment for days now and although they say not to get your hopes up and stay calm but hopeful, that is just not me and I have already started to decorate this place in my mind! Because my head is just full of so many things that I want to do with this place, I figured out a game plan and organized my thoughts and ideas by creating an inspiration board. First room up to bat...our office!

The color palette will consist mainly of orange with accents of aqua/teal. Black, gray and white will also be added in the room with the inclusion of furniture, wall color, and other decorative accents. I want to have one accent wall by wallpapering it with a nice bold pattern for interest, such as this paper I found from Home Depot. The rest of the walls will be a calm and muted gray so that the bright and bold patterned wallpaper won't overwhelm the space.

The curtains will be a solid orange, so they won't compete with the wallpaper. They will hang on a gray colored wall so that the wallpaper side won't be so heavy with pattern and color...again keeping with balancing the room.

The gray Murphy sleeper sofa from Cost Plus World Market will be positioned against the wallpaper. Above the sofa will hang a nice work of art, created by me of course, that will contain accents of aqua/teal. Beside the sofa I want a chair with a slightly more subtle pattern that will coordinate with the room but won't clash with the wallpaper- I especially liked this chair from Cost Plus.

Lastly, I will casually place aqua/teal decorative accent pieces around the room for an extra splash of color.

I absolutely love the combination of these two colors...they were meant to be just like peanut butter and jelly or like peas and carrots...they are complementary colors of course!

Now that my inspiration board is complete and I am ready to decorate, we just have to get an acceptance....and the keys!

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