Monday, November 22, 2010

{Busy Bee} Jake Michael 6 Month Photoshoot

It is hard to believe that my son will already be 6 months old in less than a week. It seems like time has flown by too quickly. Should I really have a son who is a half a year old? In 6 more months he will be one! Doesn't seem possible, but as hard as it is to believe, Jake is indeed half a year old and my baby is starting to grow up into a little boy. Thankfully, I still have a little more time before he will walk away from me and not want to be held or helped, but instead do everything on his own like a big boy. But when that day does come, and I know it is only a matter of time, I will have plenty of pictures to remember my little mr.!

Just recently, Kathy Lawson (a busy bee and very talented artist) from, K.L. Images, photographed Jake in her studio. Since Jake was extremely tired that day, she only had a limited amount of time with which to work. However, despite the challenge of working with a tired little boy, she was able to gather quite a few great shots.

She just sent me a sneak peak of the photographs and after seeing only three images, I know that the photo shoot went well and choosing a favorite will be difficult. 
 To see more of Kathy's work check out her blog, K.L. Images.

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