Thursday, December 2, 2010

{Queen Bee} Andy Food Culinary Studio

Last year as a wedding gift I received a gift certificate from my co-workers to the Andy Food Culinary Studio to take a cooking class of my choice. Well with having a baby and moving into a new home, finding time has definitely been a challenge. However after a year, I was finally able to schedule a class!

Today I attended the Andy Food Holiday Cookie Class and it was so much fun. The class was filled with a lot of ladies looking to have fun, learn some new cookie recipes and knock-out their holiday baking!

The class was split into groups and each group had a couple cookie recipes to complete. I had the pleasure of making Chocolate Crackle Tops and Coffee Twists. The result was dozens of pure decadent delight!
We started with the Chocolate Crackle Tops. The dough was very stiff and gooey therefore we had to use spoons to create our dough balls.
After we spooned out the dough we rolled the dough in powdered sugar. Without the powdered sugar, our hands would have been covered in chocolate cookie very messy!
As our Chocolate Crackle Tops were baking we started making the Coffee Twists. These cookies were a lot more time consuming. We had to take small balls of dough and roll them into 1 inch balls. Then we rolled them into long worm-like shapes, twisted them and rolled them into a sugar and coffee mixture.
 Here is the class busy at work trying to get their cookies done on time! My group is on the very left corner.
The finished product was dozens upon dozens of delicious cookies. The top picture features the Chocolate Crackle Tops. The bottom picture contains the Coffee Twists (they are the ones in the center).
Here I am in a cookie coma after making several dozens of cookies! What a day!

I would absolutely recommend taking any of the classes offered at the Andy Food Culinary Studio. They would be great to take with a friend, mom, sibling, or significant other. I can't wait to go again!

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