Saturday, June 29, 2013

{Sugar Bee} Snowflakes in June!

With this blazing heat we are currently experiencing, I WISH we were seeing actual snowflakes, but since it isn't possible with this 120 degree weather and it of course being Arizona, snowflake cookies will just have to suffice!

The reason for snowflake cookies in June you ask? Well there is a little girl who is celebrating her birthday today with a Periwinkle Fairy themed party and her parents are trying to bring "winter" to Arizona in the middle of summer! If you don't know who Periwinkle is, don't feel bad, neither did I until recently. Periwinkle is Tinkerbelle's sister and she is the frost-talent fairy.
So what a better way to bring "winter" early than serving sweet and delicious snowflake cookies to the birthday girl and her guests! Happy Birthday!

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