Thursday, May 30, 2013

{Party Bee} Jake turned 3- Angry Birds Style!

I can't believe it, my baby boy turned 3 years old! I knew it would happen, but I didn't know it would happen this quickly! Jake is growing up in a blink of an eye; he is learning so many things, his interests are changing and developing. He is turning into a little boy; a little boy who has discovered a joy and talent for.... Angry Birds! So for Jake's birthday party this year we wanted to combine his love of Angry Birds and jumping! Thus, it only seemed appropriate to have his party at Jumpstreet Indoor Trampoline Park. Here all the kids could participate in Jake's favorite pastime, jumping, and we could also incorporate Angry Birds into the theme perfectly! 
I wanted the kids tables to be decked out with Angry Birds, so I chose to recreate the game as the centerpiece and showcase all of the goodies.
Angry Bird Mylar balloons flanked the main table adding a fun extra touch....I especially liked adding the star balloons since it reminded me of all of the times Jake passed a level and he would proudly show me his stars! Also, chocolate cupcakes topped with printable cupcake toppers served as the centerpiece of the second table.
The center of the table displayed Jake's photograph next to his very own special cupcake topped with a number 3 candle, and adorable red bird and green piggy cake pops, which were made by a very talented lady (thank you again, Stephanie)! Also, each child got their very own yellow bird party hat, a set of chalk wrapped in labels, a treat box filled with Angry Bird gummy snacks and graham crackers, as well as some other sweet treats. But I think my favorite party favor was the mini plush red bird "finger puppets" sitting on top of wrapped Hershey Nuggets with a special thank you note attached!
A party isn't complete without cookies! Here I made Bad Piggy Chocolate Covered Oreos and Yellow Bird sugar cookies!
I love the look on Jake's face when he first sees his dessert table....pure joy! He went straight for the red bird cake pop! 
Because I wasn't sure if I would be able to hang a banner on the wall, I decided to create a table banner holder. I think it definitely completed the table decor nicely!
We of course had to take our family pictures with the birthday boy!
Even Nana and Grandma and Grandpa got into the action!
The kids were jumping machines!
Cake time was a lot of fun...took him a couple of tries blowing out the candle, but he did it all by himself! He was very proud...and so were we!
The party hats looked so cute and festive on the kids!
Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweet baby boy! Mama, daddy, and Ava are so proud of you and we love you very much!

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