Tuesday, May 7, 2013

{Party Bee} Sarah's 50th Birthday Dessert Table

A couple months ago a good friend of mine approached me asking if I would help design her mom's 50th birthday invitation and a couple goodies to surprise her mom for her party. Well of course a "couple goodies" turned into a complete dessert table and boy was her mom surprise!
We designed the table using the birthday girl's favorite color, lavender! I of course incorporated darker purple and gray to compliment the lavender. Also, a special banner hung along the table that read "Life is Sweet", which is perfect for a decked out dessert table as well as for a lovely lady celebrating 50  years of life.
We continued the theme of 50 by placing paper mache numbers at the top center of the table. It definitely stood out! The Hershey Bar wrappers also reinforced the theme and were personalized with Sarah's name. The back of the candy wrappers had "nutritional information" and a sweet thank you for the guests.
Every party of course needs some water to help wash down all of the treats! The straw flags also added a fun touch and helped make the table look very festive.
I typically like to included a type of "pop", whether it be a lollipop or cake pop, but this time I created Marshmallow pops to round out the dessert table. I think they did the trick!
No table is complete without coordinating chocolate covered Oreos!
My friend made the adorable number 50 with pictures of her mom ranging from when she was a baby to present day. It hung on the wall beside the table so everyone could view it as they walked into the house. There was also a book for the guests to sign as well as birthday blessing cards to place into the tin buckets....just a couple fun little things for the birthday girl to read when the party is over!
 Sugar cookies in the shape of flowers were highlights of the party table! But it was the Hershey Nuggets that seemed to disappear the fastest! 
This was such a fun project to work on with my friend and I think it turned out great! 

A very happy 50th birthday to Sarah and hope the next fifty are just as sweet!


  1. Superb dessert table. I am in love with this adorable table. The desserts looks so yummy. Have to arrange my sister’s birthday party at one of San Francisco venues next week and thinking of having this similar dessert table for the day.

    1. Thank you for the kind words! It is such an easy and pretty theme for a party for a woman of any age. I am sure your sister would love it to! :)