Saturday, August 5, 2017

{Sugar Bee} Sweet Apples for Teacher

It is back to school time and what do you think of when you think of gifts for teacher?! Well I think of apples....but my idea of apples has a sweet twist! So this year, I used chocolate to make the cutest little apples to decorate some delicious treats.

First I created little chocolate chip cookie shooters. These are so much fun and can hold any liquid, whether it be milk or a little bit of Baileys (sometimes a teacher made need a sip to get through the start of the year craziness). Then after drinking the liquid, the "shot glass" can be eaten!
I always love to make chocolate covered Oreos....they are just so pretty and of course so tasty!
Another new treat I created this year are rice krispie treats! But these come on a stick and have a think layer of chocolate with apple adornments. Such a fun way to eat a rice krispie treat!

These sweet apples will make any teacher feel so special and so happy to be back to school!
Here's to a great year!

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