Friday, September 3, 2010

{Baby Bee} Birth Announcements

When Jake Michael was born and I was at home all day long (at times it felt like house arrest and going stir crazy was an understatement), I used my creativity as an outlet and designed his birth announcements. I was inspired by an announcement I saw at the pediatrician's office a few weeks earlier. I loved three of his photographs taken by my friend Joyce from On This Day Photography and I couldn't choose just one so I created three different versions of the announcement!
Then a few weeks later I learned of using photographs to make cards and postcards on the Walgreens website. I of course had to try this out and I came up with this!
I couldn't stop at just announcements, so I made little treats to give out when we had visitors stop by to see our little man. One set had lemonheads and the other had chocolates.

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  1. omg, love your bedspread set! of course the model is soooo cute!