Friday, September 3, 2010

{Party Bee} The Wedding Planner

I love looking back at my wedding pictures and remembering all of the fun and stressful times that were had! Planning a wedding in three months is typically unusual and probably unheard of by most people, but I work well under tight deadlines. Being that I like to be creative and do things myself, I took on a lot of the decorating myself. The wedding program was designed by yours truly, using Microsoft Word and the colors of my wedding.
After searching everywhere for a pretty and not so cheesy envelope box, I simply gave up. Nowhere could I find an envelope box that was going to coordinate with my wedding and did not fold together or was covered with satin and lace. Therefore, I made one that suited me perfectly! I used an undecorated hat box that I got from the craft store, cut out a thin rectangle in the center and painted the box with acrylic paint and coated the paint with a gloss. Then I simply hot glued ribbon and flowers for decoration and a pop of color. Voila!
The flowers were a hurdle that I had to overcome because all of my favorite flowers were either out of season or would not survive the hot Arizona weather. Therefore, I chose to do many of the arrangements using my favorite types of flowers made of silk. But in addition to the silk flowers, I used baby's breath for my bouquet, my bridesmaid's bouquet and to adorn the center of all the tables. I wasn't sure how the look of the two arrangements would work together, but really it turned out quite lovely and today the silk arrangements dress my guest bedroom nicely.
I did not have a place card for all of the guests because I wanted everyone to choose where they wanted to sit. So instead I created place cards using artificial green apples. These apples were to represent the place settings that required the vegetarian dish. It made it easier for the servers and looked quite lovely on the tables!
The photographers did a beautiful job and we have gorgeous photos that decorate our house to remember our special day. Thank you Joyce and Beth for helping create these beautiful memories!

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