Wednesday, September 22, 2010

{Busy Bee} Frames to Art

"What is art? Are we art? Or is art art?" Gotta love Saved By the Bell...where else would I get such a profound quote? Well...all I know is that I love art and I enjoy creating art! Because I am an art enthusiast, as I did go to school for Art History and have taken my fair share of art classes, it is only obvious that I have a love for beautiful works of art. Therefore, inspired by the paintings of notable artists of the past I have created my own works of art. I have created fun frames by deconstructing reproduced images of noteworthy paintings of the 20th century and putting them together to create a new work of art. Can you guess which artists and paintings are included on the frames?  (Some are definitely easier than others to identify) And can you count the number of times the word, "art", is used in this post?

These frames are fun, funky and fabulous if I say so myself! I love the combination of vibrant colors and different patterns. These are a nice break from the traditional black or brown frames that decorate so many of our homes. Why not add a little fun into our lives and into our homes?

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