Thursday, January 27, 2011

{Busy Bee} Caketini

My wonderful cousin came down for my birthday this past week to have a nice girls' weekend and surprised me with a box of cupcakes from a new and upcoming cupcakery called, Caketini (they are also on Facebook). It is located in the San Tan Village Mall and is just a very charming looking shop. But even more importantly, they have the most delicious cupcakes I have tasted to date! Just be careful when eating these delectable and heavenly (or sinful) cupcakes because they aren't your ordinary size cupcakes, they are jumbo! It may be wise to split these big guys with a friend or too so that you can sample a variety of them and not feel guilty. Though, I am sure once you try one, you will want to try all of the flavors! I would definitely make it a point to try the peanut butter and chocolate as well as the rasberry and lemon. Yum!
Doesn't this place look so inviting! I just want to grab a book or my computer and pull up a chair, buy a cupcake and enjoy some coffee on a nice cool day!

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