Saturday, June 23, 2018

{Sugar Bee} A Few of My Favorite Things Sugar Cookies

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens are two favorite things that will be celebrated at a super cute and unique birthday party today! When I was approached to make cookies for a "Few of My Favorite Things" birthday party, I was so excited and completely overjoyed that a little girl would want her party theme based on that wonderful song, but even more impressed that her mom would use her creativity to put together a party filled with all of the details in the song!
So in case you don't know the words to the song, here they are:

Raindrops on roses
And whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things
Cream-colored ponies and crisp apple strudels
Doorbells and sleigh bells
And schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
These are a few of my favorite things
Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
Silver-white winters that melt into springs
These are a few of my favorite things

This song was written and illustrated into the form of a book. The cover of the book is very vintage looking and full of softer, muted colors.  When choosing the details of the song to create in cookie form, I wanted them to look cohesive so I created unity using the colors from the illustration from the cover of the book.

Can you figure out what part of the song these cookies represent?!

I was very happy with the way they turned out and I hope the birthday girl loves them even more and adds them to the list of her favorite things!

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